Fall 2000

Friday, December 22nd

Well after spending many a crisp dollar to repair the keying damage to my car, my car has again been maligned. I came out from lunch with a coworker and started driving away when I noticed that my passenger side mirror was gone. I found its remains in the parking lot. No note, no nothing. Likely some big oafish SUV, piloted by someone to dumb to drive it. This weekend I will be driving down to Indiana for Christmas, after having Christmas with the other half of the family tonight. As the replacement for the side view mirror hasn't arrived yet, the drive will be neck-intensive.

Saturday, December 16th

You know what? I hate snow. Not a little bit, but a lot. It's cold, it's dirty, it's wet, it's cold, and I hate it. It isn't even winter yet and already the lanscape has been coated in white crap. In a couple more years, I'm moving to someplace warm. I mean, Wisconsin? Give me a break! I bought some fog lights for my car, but I have not yet installed them. We had a LAN party last week and decided we needed to have another one last night. I was up until almost seven this morning. So the apartment is a mess until I get around to picking up. Beyond that, it is pretty much life as usual.

Tuesday, November 28th

It's here! It's installed! My new cable modem is up and running! Oh, so fast. Oh, so good. After a half hour on hold with Ameritech I cancelled my service with them, as well as my ISP. I still have the ExecPC account, but not for long. Thanksgiving went fine, with good turkey and time with family. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to downloading.

Sunday, November 19th

I just got back from a friend's cabin up in Wautoma, WI. We had fun, but the weekend went by to quickly. I didn't realize until a few days before I left that it was the start of deer hunting season, so we stayed indoors, and watched the grim precession of dead carcasses strapped to bumpers and dumped in pickup beds on the way home. Tomorrow I am taking the car in to have the scratch on the door fixed, as well as an old scratch on the bumper. Cars are expensive.

Monday, November 6th

I guess I was so preoccupied by my car getting keyed that I forgot to mention my Halloween party! One of the few traditions I try to follow is throw a little Halloween bash for friends, and this year went off well. Not my biggest, but we had fun. I dressed up as Neo from The Matrix. An AK-47, an Uzi, and four pistols. I also practiced saying Guns. Lot's of guns. in a Keanu sort of way. No one threw up, so I can't complain. Yesterday I went to the Oriental and saw a reshowing of Evil Dead II. I hadn't seen it before, but I had heard stories. What an awesome movie. Tonight was Sunday movie night, so we broke out the sequel: Army of Darkness, and more amusement ensued.

Thursday, November 2nd

So I went to a movie at Ridge movie theater on Tuesday. As I pull into the parking lot, which is crowded, I spot a space and pull in. As I do so I notice it is a small space, but the Neon fits without a problem. We get out and I notice the reason the space is so small: The car to my left is double parked, presumably so no one will park next to them and ding their doors. Some silver camaro or something. I think to myself "serves them right for double parking" and go see the movie. When I come back there is a Burger King napkin on my car that says "Next time don't park so fucking close. My car is a lot nicer than yours. Bitch!!" in a girls handwriting. And she keyed my car! A big gash right on my drivers side door. Just for parking next to her when she double parked. What is wrong with people? Honestly what is fricking wrong?! Obviously I don't have a license number, nor much of anything else to go on. I am soooooo pissed.

Saturday, October 7th

I know I haven't updated this in awhile, but I've been really busy. Which is good. I am pleased to say that I am hanging out with a friend who I haven't seen in two years. I am diligently working on my MCSE Core Requirements. I lost a hubcap and got four new ones for my car, and picked up the new Aiwa CDC-MP3 car stereo that plays MP3's. Other than that, I'm keeping busy at work, and am planning my Halloween party. We did get some flurries, but fortunately the snow they predicted for today was mostly rain. That's all I have to report!