Fall 2001

Friday, December 21st

Well let's see. I sold the Neon to my friend Mike. I hope it continues to serve him as well as it did me. I got a nail in a tire (I hate Goodyear!) and had to get that fixed. I took the day off today to do my Christmas Shopping and to clean my apartment.

Monday, November 26th

I've gotten back from Thanksgiving in Indiana and meeting my new niece. She is very small and baby-like. I got some much needed highway cruising in the new A4 in and continue to be thrilled with the car. I forgot to take my camera, but worse things have happened. Work has been busy the whole month, despite the move being done, so I'll just keep hoping for things to finally settle, but it won't be soon since they're hiring a hundred or so more reps. Not much more exciting to report!

Sunday, October 21st

Well I threw my Halloween party yesterday and I had a good time. Not nearly as many people as I had hoped, but it was still a good time. I rented the clubhouse of my apartment and dressed as one of the aliens from Dark City. I went to Volleyball tonight and sucked. I haven't played in a month and the ball was for kids, so I sucked more than usual. Oh well, practice, practice and all that. Not too much else exciting going on, so let's hope things get more interesting in a couple weeks. Not that I know why they would, but sometimes you have to set a date for these things.

Wednesday, October 17th

I got my new car! Rest assured pictures will be coming shortly. I went through a lot of hassle and worry, but everything finally worked out and I have the car. Now I have to add my car kit and draw up my initial plans for an in-car computer system to replace the Aiwa MP3 deck which I am leaving in the Neon. I also must put an ad in the paper for the Neon, because I need to sell it right quick.

Tuesday, October 9th

Well I changed my mind about my apartment. I decided not to move since the other places I looked at weren't as nice, despite having more room. Oh well. I am in the planning stages of my Halloween party, which I am hoping will be a pretty nifty affair this year. I have gotten my Neon all fixed up so I can sell it (sniff) and I am hard at work getting our new building at work ready for the first move this Friday.