Fall 2002

Sunday, December 8th

Well I've done it. I've moved in. I am now the proud homeowner of a duplex in West Allis. While projects abound, such as just getting things unpacked and settled, along with a number of simple improvements, things are finally starting to feel a bit less hectic. I spent the last week in training out in Middleton, finding out that Windows XP doesn't have much in the way of features I didn't already know about. Tomorrow it's back to the office to make sure everything ran smoothly in my absence. Mom came up for Thanksgiving and helped me get a few things straightened out with the new house, seeing as I moved the day previous. That's most of what's going on with me, I hope all who read these entries are doing well too.

Monday, October 28th

I've got my house! I made an offer which was predictably countered and I accepted. I've got my financing figured out and my house inspection all done. Now I pretty much sit and wait for the closing while I scrape up my down payment. It is a nice duplex in West Allis, and it's only three years old! In other news, this weekend was the infamous Halloween party, as well as Ian's party on Friday. A lot of fun was had, and some pictures will be making their way up soon. This coming weekend I'm heading down to Indiana to visit family. All I have to do is survive this week at work, which is so busy I'm laughing.

Monday, October 7th

This weekend was a fun time. I basically did some good old fashioned partying with friends. Friday we went over to Tina's place and plotted but did not carry out mayhem and mischief. Saturday was Mike's party, which I had a very good time at. Sunday was the Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon. We watched all of the DVD's of the series, plus the movie. Including breaks, the ordeal took twelve hours. I was in serious TV overload. I've been working out in the mornings with Mike and Eriq before work daily. It feels really good. Matt B can't come because he works at seven, so I've continued to work out with him twice a week in the evenings. Part of me gets tired of that fitness center, and the other part feels really good about being active and keeping fit. My house hunt continues. I'm looking at three more this Thursday. I will most likely make an offer on one of them. I really would like this process to come to a close. I had to extend my lease by a month. So that's what I've been up to, I hope everyone out there is doing well too!