Fall 2003

Friday, December 19th

Well I finally caught Sphinx. I got a live trap from MADAC (the domestic animal control people) and promptly caught the stray that has been about. The next day, I caught Sphinx. He is thinner, and drank water for about five minutes straight (I imagine it's hard to find when it gets below freezing) and is behaving normally. Bishop has been hissing at him, apparently having forgotten him after three weeks. I'm sure it will normalize in time. Also, I saw and very much enjoyed Return of the King. Now I have Spider-Man 2 to look forward to.

Tuesday, December 9th

Well I started reading the Lord of the Rings again. I read it last more than ten years ago so already I'm rediscovering things I'd forgotten. I've gotten almost 300 pages in, but I have a long ways to go, since I want to finish this very quickly (RotK comes out in 8 days!).
In other news, I have now driven the length and breadth of Taxachusets, paid out more in tolls in a day than in the last five years combined, and discovered more intimately why Buicks suck incomparably. My rental car is a Buick Century! Argh! And it's gold! Will horrors never end? It already attacked me with it's deadly cupholders, slicing open my arm. It tried to burn me when the lights came on because the steering wheel controls get hot. Not the intentional kind of hot, either. This is 'GM put light bulbs in here with an awful lot of wattage so that old people know how to seek radio stations' hot. The thing has a dash storage compartment I refer to as the pit of despair because it is a foot in through a small opening before you get to the bottom. The windshield wipers don't clear the spot of muck right in front of my face, the turn signals spaz out if you don't pull hard enough, the auto HVAC options leaves the blowers on full indefinitely (which are very noisy of course), but yet don't defrost the front windshield to a useable state in less than fifteen minutes. The headlights turn on when it gets dark, but don't turn off even if the car is turned off. The lights will stay on unless they are manually turned on and off, but only if the car is parked and off. It shifts randomly for no reason into lower gear, has the trademark cheap GM feel, and in general is second only to the Cavalier we rented in Vegas for overall sucktacularificness. Model year 2003, by the way.
Sorry for the rant. Maine is beautiful, the underground freeway in Boston was cool, and there is a lot of snow in the North East right now. Oh, and I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures for you!

Sunday, December 7th

Well I'm of to a great start. I volunteered to go out to Auburn, Maine for work to back up another tech who is attending a meeting. I made it to Chicago, but my connecting flight to Portland was cancelled. Two and a half hours later I finally made it to a hotel, and tomorrow morning I'm flying to Albany so I can drive the 300 miles or so to Auburn. Fortunately the Country Inn Suites has wireless Internet access, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get the number for Corporate Express, since I forgot to print out my itinerary. Hopefully the guy I'm backing up will be delayed out of Maine, so there isn't a lack of coverage. Stupid snow.
In other news, I met Sarah's family out in Madison, as well as one of her friends that lives out there. Overall it was a fine experience, and waiting 45 minutes for a table at the restaurant served to prepare me for today's fun.
Finally, on a sadder note, my grandfather died last week. He had been struggling with Alzheimer's for several years, so it was not unexpected. Even though he is longer suffering, it is sad to think he exists only in memory now.

Thursday, November 27th

Happy Thansgiving everyone. I hope you have a good day spent with those you love, eating what you love, and then sleeping it off. I'm about to drive to Minnesota, where my sister's family lives. Recently my cat Sphinx got out. Last Thursday night the front door wasn't shut tight and he waltzed off. Now, almost a week later, he still hasn't come back. I put flyers in people's mailboxes, and Sarah called the shelter. Finally last night I put some food out and after an hour and a half he showed up. I tried to call him in but he ran off. I'll get him back yet, the stupid animal. Sarah lost her job on Tuesday. For the past month or more when she called during the day I was afraid she'd tell me that, but it finally happened. Hopefully she can find something soon, hopefully something better. That's what's new here.

Tuesday, November 18th

Finally, after a year of complaining, whining, and otherwise harping, they have posted the position for a new person in our department at work. I'm pretty excited about that. It seems like I have a million things to get to at home. Things to catch up on or finish but never seem to get to. I wish days were thirty hours long. In all actuality there isn't that much, but when things get cluttered it seems like there are. I've also been feeling mentally fuzzy today, like there's a weight on my brain and a drain in my memory. I need to take a few moments to clear my head. I'm going to make another pot of tea.

Monday, November 3rd

Well I had quite the Halloween party this year, with more than twenty people showing up to take part in the festivities. I still have a lot of tasty beverages left, so I may need to invite some friends over for some more fun. Today I got home from work to discover that the basement had flooded because the sump pump failed. As luck would have it, my tenants noticed and installed a new sump pump for me! Yay! There also wasn't enough water to damage anything, but it is still frustrating. I found out I'm taking a brief business trip to Maine in December which will give me a chance to see a different part of the country for the first time. I'm going to make sure I get a rental car, since last time I went somewhere interesting (Medford, OR) I didn't, and I missed out on the sights. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Monday, October 20th

Sarah and I took a trip over to Holy Hill and took in some of the scenery this weekend. I started work on my Jack-o-lantern, but it's complexity overwhelmed me and I didn't finish yet. I need to soon, though or otherwise it will rot before I get it to the porch. My annual Halloween party is coming up soon and the invitations are out, so if you didn't get one and you should have, send me an email and I'll give you the skinny. Some interesting developments in the magi|DIGITAL saga are still working themselves out. Either way, the future isn't as bright as I had hoped, and we will have to see what happens. Not much else to report.