Fall 2009

Tuesday, December 15th

Ok, let's get caught up on the chronicling of daily life. First, Thanksgiving was spent with Sarah's family at her sister's mother-in-law's. Saturday after my mom came up to visit and we had a little Thanksgiving with her. That precipitated finally getting the house cleaned, which I had been lamenting the state of in previous posts for some time. Since then it's managed to stay in good order until we got out all the Christmas stuff a couple days ago, but I have hope that we can get that back under control shortly.

The next weekend Eriq and Meg came down to visit on Friday. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and shared photos of our respective Asian trips, theirs to Japan and ours to Thailand. It was good to see them, especially since we hadn't really done any hanging out with friends since the cabin trip back in June.

Then last weekend Sarah baked a bunch of cookies and we went to Steve and Kathryn's for Kathryn's cookie exchange. While Sarah did that I spent the evening with Steve and the other guys playing Demon's Souls and going to dinner at Branmor's.

As usual it's now another week at work. Sarah gave her two week notice at work yesterday so she can start her daytime classes in January. I'm working on a plan to upgrade our new server to a new software version before it goes live. Not a whole lot more going on at the moment.

This weekend will be early Christmas with Sarah's family before we drive up to Minnesota over Christmas to see mine. Then after that we're heading to Ohio to stay in a cabin for a few nights, and finally up to Milwaukee for New Year's Eve at Eriq's.

Friday, November 20th

Believe it or not, the past several weeks have been spent on more than not keeping up on journaling. We've mostly been homebodies, excepting Nicole's birthday party, an excellent Halloween party at Sean and Michelle's, a trip to Sarah's parents to see Will off before he departed for Africa, and mountain biking with Matt B at John Muir trail. I also met Mike for coffee a few days ago. It was good to see him as it had been a few months since our last coffee.

We embarked on a large, multi-day office reorganizing project which still hasn't gotten it clean, though it is much better than it was. In fact, despite spending what seems like an inordinate amount of time picking up, doing laundry, washing dishes, and just generally cleaning, the house is still a complete mess. In addition to the causes I mentioned when I was bitching about this in my last post I can add Sarah undertaking a near constant stream of cooking, canning, and now spinning as I got her a spinning wheel for her birthday with the help of her parents, brother, and my mom. While the fruits of these labors are good (and often delicious), I'm left wishing we could reach a point where we were caught up and then somehow manage to keep it that way.

I attempted to remedy my home entertainment problem, which was a combination of a receiver with an odd tendency of switching to full volume at the start of watching something that had blown one of the speakers and an aging Xbox media center that couldn't play high definition files. I got a new receiver and a Western Digital TV Live. This has resolved the old problems but created new ones, like too few component inputs to actually connect all of our stuff since the TV doesn't have HDMI, and a finickiness in network connections and file formats we didn't previously encounter. Hopefully a solution less expensive than a new TV will present itself but so far it has not.

Already we're nearing the holidays and the days are getting short. It's been a busy year with a lot of events, both good and bad. At the same time it feels like a year of transitions, like one chapter wrapping up and a new one starting. I got married, changed jobs, turned thirty, and a lot of little things grew, faded, came into focus and got blurry. With more than a month left in the year I'm hoping to have some good times with family and friends.

Tuesday, October 13th

The honeymoon was great, but now we're back in the normal grind. We had a lot of fun shopping in Bangkok, seeing some of the temples and palaces, and then headed down to Krabi where we stayed at a gorgeous resort. We kayaked, went scuba diving, and hiked up a mountain, amongst the normal honeymoon activities.

I managed to get sunburned on my shoulders, which are now moulting like a snake, and took a lot of pictures that I'm sure I will get onto the site in the near future, possibly after I get the wedding pictures up, which will of course require me to get them. We got back on Saturday and so Sunday we went shopping for a book case for the office, as well as some of the remaining wedding registry stuff that we wanted to get with gift cards and checks from the wedding.

The twelve hour time difference took a bit of getting used to, and even yesterday I was still getting my sleep schedule straight, succumbing to an unexpected two and a half hour nap after work. Today I'm doing a bit better, but I still don't have the energy to tackle the massive mess that our condo has become since we returned, between the aforementioned stuff we bought and the unpacking of backpacks and suitcases. Hopefully we can get it back to a semblance of order by the weekend.