Fall 2011

Monday, December 5th

Well, here is December already, and there's a lot to say. First, off, Sarah had the baby! Our beautiful baby son Derek was born on November 29th. He was three weeks early, but even so he weighed six pounds, fourteen ounces and was twenty inches long. Lungs, heart, fingers, toes all healthy, so we went home a couple of days later. Unfortunately he got jaundiced and so we had to come back to the hospital for a couple more days while he got phototherapy. We can go home again today, so we're excited about that.

Prior to that what have I been up to? We spent a lot of time with Steve and Kathryn with the LAN Party, pumpkin carving, and going out for dinner for Sarah's birthday. We had Jessica and Steve plus my mom and Jim over for dinner a few weeks ago , had Thanksgiving with her family and went to Nancy and David's for brunch. Matt B bought a house, so we went up to see it and had dinner with him plus Eriq and Meg. I've also been working on the basement demolition, floor planning, and going over to Dean's new house to help him with his remodelling.

I've been off work with the baby here, and I'll be going back on Wednesday. I'm planning to take Monday's off for a while to give Sarah some time off and so she can go to her weekly meeting at DePaul. I've been saving up time so I should be able to do that for a couple of months. There's probably a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting, but obviously there's been a lot going on.

Monday, October 3rd

Another couple of months gone and now it's time to play catch-up on the Journal. When I left off in July we were starting our push to get the house ready to move in. It took another month before everything was completed. At the end of July we had a party that was perhaps a bit premature but we had a good time anyway. Since the house wasn't ready we held it in the back yard. Matt B came down for a few days and helped us get ready and get the house painted. Finally we moved in on August 20th, two months to the day after we closed.

Since then we've been mostly getting settled and taking a short break. We went up to Eriq and Meg's for Meg's birthday party, we went camping at Apple River Canyon for a weekend, and we took a couple of weekends off. We also watched the first three seasons of Breaking Bad, which was pretty good. I started work demoing the basement, since the mold had gotten pretty bad and we wanted to expose the structure so the foundation repair guys could give us a better estimate.

This past weekend we met up with Scot, Shannon, and their two girls for dinner. The LAN party is coming up as well as the Halloween-time events. I'm trying to work on the house during the week so we can keep weekends clear.

The exterminator came out on Saturday and asked us to take everything out of our kitchen cupboards so he could spray. It was pretty demoralizing to be set back to zero on getting the kitchen organized, but it's coming back together. All in all we're keeping busy, Sarah is looking pretty pregnant these days, and we're chugging away at the house. That's basically all that's new with me.