Fall 2012

Monday, December 31st

As the year draws to a close, I'm going to review some highlights of the last few months. Obviously recapping everything isn't realistic. We took one more camping trip in September to Wyalusing. It was pretty cold and Sarah had to work on a paper for school, so we wound up spending a lot of time sitting around the campfire.

In October, with Sarah busy with school we didn't do a whole lot. We cheered Will on at the Chicago Marathon, Eriq and Meg came down for a visit, and we went to the McCarty's annual pumpkin carving party. We kicked off November with a cabin trip to Galena for Sarah's birthday, leaving Derek with Sarah's family so we had a weekend for the two of us. I went up to Milwaukee to help Matt B celebrate his fortieth birthday, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Sarah's parents' house, bought a new car (a Subaru Impreza hatchback) and threw a birthday party for one-year-old Derek. He ate cake for the first time, and he enjoyed it very much. He also got a ton of toys and clothes from friends and family.

We went to dinner with Steve and Kathryn, saw Dean and Siobhan's house now that they've moved in, visited Mike and Steph, and went to Minnesota for Christmas. Tonight we're going to Eriq and Meg's for a New Year celebration. That's the highly condensed version!