Fall 2013

Monday, November 4th

Once again it's long break recap time. We had a rainy day with my mom at the Dunes, spent a lot of weekends working on the house, went to a fancy dinner with Steve and Kathryn, spent more weekends and a week off work on the house, Will ran the Chicago marathon for the third year, we missed the annual McCarty pumpkin carving because we all caught a bad cold, and this weekend we're going to a cabin for Sarah's birthday.

Along the way I had coffee with Mike, coffee with Eriq and Matt B, dinner and movies with Steve, went to dinner with Sarah's parents and family a time or few, and visited my mom with Derek. Derek's getting better at talking, little by little, and he wore a monkey costume for Halloween trick-or-treating.

At work I got to training for Configuration Manager, but it's been slow going on getting the new server. I've got ITIL training next week, which I know will be...thrilling. There's not a ton else to report since we're still in the thick of house/Sarah's grad school. Another month and a half and she's done, so hopefully we'll be able to get the house into shape.