Spring 2001

Monday, June 25th

Summer is going pretty well so far. I've been keeping busy outdoors with swimming and biking. Work is going fine, and I've got a little tan (ok, burn) going. I got an offer from a talent agency in LA to make me a movie star, because I had The Look whatever that means, but I'm not going to follow up on it because there were some catches (when aren't there?). I discovered the final joke of the computer upgrade from hell (see the previous My World updates, if you're not familiar with it) yesterday. The processor that I didn't want sent to me that they sent anyway after I cancelled my order isn't a processor after all, which might have been useful. It's 256MB of DDR SDRAM, which while being a fine piece of hardware, isn't something I can use because my motherboard doesn't support it. Sigh. Sorry for all the parentheses.

Monday, June 11th

The warm weather seems to finally be here, which is good because I've had more cold than I can handle. I've spent some time at the pool, and sipped a great new beverage called Bawls that I buy by the case over the internet. I went down to Indiana yesterday, partially for my birthday dinner with family, and partly because my Dad slipped on the front porch and broke his shoulder blade and tibia. He had five hours of surgery to repair his tibia and he will be immobile for about a month before he can use crutches. In a couple days I'll have to update the age field below. I guess it's high time I got around to conquering the world, since Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn and Caesar were all well underway if not done by now. Maybe I'll just submit the book I finished writing five years ago to a publisher. Finally I'd like to congratulate 'The Freshmen' on graduating high school. They are all finally freshmen again in more than name.

Monday, May 28th

Finally I got my computer working. It was expensive, annoying, and time consuming, and required three processors, but it is up and running and doing so well. Yesterday I helped my Mom move to Indiana. She is leaving the frozen north, something I hope to do in a couple years. She has way more stuff than anyone can reasonably imagine would fit in a two bedroom apartment. Afterwards I took great enjoyment from my pool and hottub to sooth the muscles. I will be doing a lot of swimming this summer. Then I hosted a barbeque with friends and moved on to a great LAN party. Now I have to clean and improve my tactics at Starcraft. I also got my eTrex GPS gizmo that will let me go geocaching, which should be fun.

Wednesday, May 23rd

So a month ago, when I updated My World last, I was complaining about my computer upgrade. Well, I still am. First, a brief life event recap. I took a trip down to Indiana and visited family, this weekend my Mom is moving back there. My job continues to go as usual. I managed to resist the sudden temptation to buy an MG or Karmann Ghia, and I went mountain biking at John Muir park. That was fun. I really like my new bike.

Ok, my computer. The motherboard wasn't the problem. I got the new motherboard and put the computer back together and it still didn't work. Since I was building another system, I tested with his hardware and determined it was actually my CPU. So I drag my heels a bit and finally get another processor ordered, but they are on backorder. So I cancel that order and place another one. It finally shows up and I put the computer back together. Hooray! It powers up! I go into 'CMOS' which is for setting up the computer, and tell it my processor speed and such and restart. It doesn't power up! It's doing the same thing the old CPU was doing! Arg! So I have gotten listless and despondent about the whole thing and haven't tried very hard to get it working. That was yesterday. Still no computer.

Saturday, April 21st

Typically when I think about upgrading my computer, the thought process is like this: Order components, wait a few days, assemble computer, reinstall, done! This computer "upgrade" has gone -so far- like this. March 23, order components. Wait a few days, get my CPU fan and my motherboard. Check with the office for remaining components, find nothing.

Two weeks go by, finally call the place I ordered CPU from, they say it was delivered. I check back with the office, and they have it, it was in the wrong bin. The motherboard doesn't fit in my case. Order a new case. Still no power supply. I call that place, no record of my order. Place order again, and in the mean time, pick up one from MicroTrend, since I will have a use for a second power supply later. Case arrives, assemble parts, assemble other parts into new server. System doesn't work; bad motherboard. Server works fine.

I send an e-mail to the place I got the motherboard from and get no response. I call them. They have no record of my order, and I threw out the packing slip with the order number. I order a second motherboard. So, now I have one less working computer than I did before, and it has been almost a month since I started. Hopefully I will get up and running in the next week.

Sunday, April 1st

I won the lottery! $62 Million dollars from Superball! April Fools! ... Anyway, yesterday's LAN party became the LAN party that wasn't. Eriq got sick and bailed, Mike had to go to a high school musical that his gf was in, and Jeff was in Indiana. We did manage to eat some Panzas from Jimmy's Grotto, though. Man, those things are good. But since my computer upgrade didn't arrive yet, it wasn't a huge loss. Hopefully I'll get that tomorrow and happy upgrading can commence. Tonight I am off once again to play volleyball. I'm not very good, but it's fun and perhaps afterwards we can continue our viewing of Twin Peaks, that wierd TV series from about ten years ago. I'd also like to get to Genesis (Did I mention Embers changed their name?) and get some of that chicken rice soup. Man, that's some good soup.