Spring 2002

Saturday, June 8th

The weather finally improved, though next week looks to be on the decline again. Yesterday I saw Mallrats at Eriq's new pad with some friends. We came over to my place to enjoy the hot tub, only to find out the heat is turned off and it's luke warm. Today I got in a bike ride, and some time in the now hot tub. Tomorrow I'm heading out to Madison for a party at a coworkers, and next weekend my mom and sister are visiting me. All I need to do now is re-image four hundred computers. Piece of cake.

Monday, June 3rd

The property we were looking into buying and renting already has an accepted offer, meaning our plans at wealth through real estate are back at step one. The volleyball league I play in wrapped up for the season, which was a little dissapointing since I've missed it the last two months. I checked out RiverSplash for the first time, which was mildly entertaining. I liked it more than Summerfest mostly because you don't have to pay to get in. The weather has gotten quite crappy, so I'm spending the day writing. At least I got in some grilling and pool time over the weekend.

Wednesday, May 22nd

I got back from Indiana and my grandmother's funeral. I don't think I've seen so many people from that side of the family all at once before. Mike, Eriq, and I are seriously looking at our first real estate investment, and I am simultaneously looking into buying a house. I have my preapproved mortgage all ready and I just need to wait until my lease is up. I just got back from the season finale of Enterprise and have to say that I am really liking this series.

Wednesday, May 8th

This morning my grandmother passed away. Her impact on my life has been immeasurable. Most will remember her as a strong and proud woman, but I will never forget her caring and generosity. I hope to live a life as long and full as hers.

Tuesday, May 7th

My weekend went very well. It started with an awesome movie night at Eriq's where about fifteen people got together to watch Fight Club. Then we went up to Wautoma and just chilled for the weekend. We did some offroading, failed to detonate some spare airbags from Lexus, played a very long game of Monopoly, looked at the stars, and just had a lot of fun. Yesterday after we got back we went to see Spider-Man, and all in all it was just an excellent weekend. I hope yours was too!

Saturday, April 27th

Well mcsoko is moved in; his new place is pretty cool. It is going to be awesome to be right across the street, especially this summer when we'll be trying to get in as much pool and grilling time as possible. We're about to grill now that the propane tank is filled. I hope all of your weekends are going well too.

Tuesday, April 23rd

I made another pilgrimage to northwest Indiana to visit family. Chicago was actually reasonable this time as far as traffic goes. Of course someone tried to merge into me on the Edens but I'm getting used to this behavior. Next week mcsoko is moving to the apartment complex across the street from mine which is cool, and the week after is Eriq's big movie night in his apartment building theater and our trip up to Wautoma. I will of course take pictures, as I did last year. So I'm keeping busy, but that's fine by me.

Friday, April 12th

I just got back from Las Vegas yesterday, and I had a great time. It was warm, there were lots of things to do, it was warm, and it felt good to get away for a few days. We visited Red Rock Canyon, which isn't too far away (but seemed like it partly because our rental car was sucky and partly because we went fifteen miles out of our way). Anyway, I am back now and back at work.