Spring 2003

Tuesday, June 17th

Let's see if I can remember everything that's happened recently. I met the most wonderful girl, Sarah. That's the part I remember the most clearly. I am delightfully happy. We went to Onopa to see her friend's band, who was very cool. They have a violinist, which I think always improves things. We went out with Eriq and Rachel, and Mike and Jessica. We went down to Navy Pier and wandered Michigan Avenue aimlessly before having dinner at Holy Cow. This weekend I leave for Utah, to get some desert and mountain biking on. I also had a birthday in there too. So, aside from being really tired today, things are great!

Thursday, June 5th

Wow. Jeff is married. We drove 2800 miles round trip to Jacksonville, Florida to be there when he lost his bachelorhood. I wish him and his bride Shannan all the best. While I wouldn't want to live there, Jacksonville is a really nice city, at least near the beach. Also much warmer than here, which may be a factor in my liking it.

Thursday, May 8th

Ok, I've been trying to hold off making a real update until I get a copy of the pictures that Jessica took while we were in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it's been a month now and I doubt they're soon forthcoming. So this is what's been going on in my life. First of all, I went to Las Vegas again with my friend Mike, and this year we were joined by his girlfriend Jessica. We stayed at the Stratosphere, which was generous to me as a casino, good to me as a restaurant, and fun as an attraction, but not very impressive as a hotel. We went to Red Rock Canyon again, which was the highlight of my trip. We climbed and hiked all afternoon and drank green tea on the summit while we contemplated life. We hit some of the clubs like Rum Jungle at Mandalay Bay -which was incredible- and Club Ra at the Luxor. We discovered that the MGM Grand is a giant greedy bastard that we no longer acknowledge the existence of (what was I just talking about?). I also had an unbelievably good milk shake.

My ongoing efforts at entrepreneurialism with Eriq and Mike have led to the creation of magi|DIGITAL, a supplier of visual imagery for media professionals. Our first product should launch next week, which I am very excited about, since a great deal of time and effort has gone into it.

Lastly, I spent the last few days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for work, helping them get ready to deploy a new piece of call center software I've had a great deal of experience with at our building. There is a good chance I'll be sent to Knoxville and Tulsa as well. I don't mind travel and it's good to get out of the office. While driving to Iowa, I took US 20, a highway I had driven on about five years ago and been impressed by its quiet charms, rolling countryside, and lovely curves. This time was no different, and I have even decided that should I ever not have to work and want to live in the Midwest (for some unknown reason) I think I would choose Galena, IL. It is absolutely beautiful. It is like stepping into the 19th century, except without the social injustice and lack of modern convenience. I hope to at least take a long weekend there at some point to get about and see it close up.

That's about all that's been up with me. I'm visiting Indiana in a week and a half for a late Mother's Day and to help with some yard work (oh boy!). Oh, and I almost have ldap figured out on my server (see the detailed episode a couple entries ago).