Spring 2006

Friday, June 16th

Well it's been busy the past couple weeks. We went camping, which was a lot of fun. I'm not sure I'd go back to the Kettle Moraine (Northern Unit) since there weren't any rocks to see and climb. If we'd had bikes it would have been better, since there are some good biking trails, but the hiking was kind of dull and the lake wasn't great for swimming. In any case it was good to get away for a couple days and we're looking forward to doing it again.

Last weekend was filled with Sarah's mom's graduation and Brian and Kira's wedding. Both were good, but there wasn't much down time as a result. I'm thinking this weekend will be a bit more relaxed, since we're going to do A&A tonight and we have a picnic tomorrow, but then we're free on Sunday for some relaxation and a few around the house chores.

Also this past week was my birthday. Monday night Sarah took me to a fantastic little Italian restaurant in Evanston for dinner. We had a great time and some excellent food. Tuesday I went out with the project team at work to Morton's, which was also good. It was only a coincidence that it was my birthday, but it was still nice to be treated to a tasty steak.

Work has been busy as ever, with me trying to manage one project and participate in another. Add to that the infamous "NETg" problem that has been haunting me for months has now escalated to daily conference calls and a number of other things I'm trying to get done and it makes for some heavy days.

Thursday, June 1st

So the Memorial Day holiday has come and gone. I got my grill, the same one that was stolen from me, and it is everything I remembered it being, except that the handle is broken and I need to get the part replaced. We had some friends over for grilling and fun, and we did and it was, though many sides were neglected in favor of the large quantities of steak.

Work this week I honestly can't claim I accomplished much. I got a few things done, but it was really kind of an unweek as far as productivity. Given everything I got done last week and the week before that, I'm ok with it. This weekend we're off to the Kettle Moraine State Forest (Northern Unit) for some camping. It's hopefully the first of many short little weekend getaways this summer in an effort to feel like we didn't waste it indoors.

Wednesday, May 24th

Sarah and I visited my Mom this past weekend. We got some things done around the house since she's still settling in, went to an arboretum, which I thought usually meant a big greenhouse for trees, but was actually a park. We also divested ourselves of the boxes of house plants that I had accidentally brought back after her move.

We've been working out, though not quite as religiously as we'd planned. It feels good, though, and I'm really glad we're doing it. Next weekend Mike, Jessica, and Matt are coming down for some grilling action. So far the grill itself has eluded me. After my grill was stolen last year, I mourned its loss for a long time. I'm finally ready to buy a new one, but they don't make the one I had anymore, which was truly an awesome grill. I need to find something in the next couple days so we're ready for Saturday, but I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed in the end. We also may go camping on Sunday/Monday, but we need to see where we can go that has open sites and is fairly close.

Tuesday, May 9th

This past weekend I got up to Milwaukee to record some ILH with Mike and Matt B. I also beat the main quest in Oblivion, so I'm pretty much done with the game. For some reason I want to get my dragon armor, so I'm biding time on some smaller quests until it is ready. I downgraded my server as part of the office cleanup. Now it is in a much smaller case, though it has less memory and cpu. It doesn't do much these days other than run email, so I'm not too worried about it. With the exception of some old computer cases, the office is much cleaner now.

I'm a bit more caught up at work. My task list is looking a bit less overwhelming and I'm making progress on some things I've wanted to get done for a while. I need to take care of a few more things before I really start to feel comfortable, but at least it is getting better.

Wednesday, April 26th

My mom is now in her new home which is much closer to where she works. Since it lacks a basement, it is quite a bit smaller. We managed to get everything inside, though, so it was a success. Whether she'll get everything situated and out of the garage remains to be seen. I also forgot about the three boxes of plants in my trunk, which are now occupying the office until I go down there again or she comes up.

The weekend also included going back to The Melting Pot downtown with Sarah's sister and her sister's friends. We enjoyed quite a bit of free wine tasting and got back home rather late, and Sunday went to her brother's Court of Honor for becoming an Eagle Scout.

Work is going well I suppose. I moved to a new cube, as did Steve. It means we're now in the same row as the rest of our team, so that's good. I've gotten a few things taken care of, and I'm getting close to completing a couple of others. It still feels like I'm juggling too many things, so I'm working on that.

Monday, April 17th

Well I'm back from Las Vegas. I came out even on slots and black jack, maybe a couple bucks ahead. The conference was good, though the meetings were a lot more helpful than the sessions. Sarah flew out with me on Saturday and we wound up staying at Bally's because the reservation got messed up at Caesar's. It was her first time out there of a legal age, so we had a lot of fun. We also went out to the Valley of Fire this year, which was a change for me because I usually go to Red Rock Canyon, but it was really cool. We also saw The Wynn, the new ritzy casino they put up. The food was good, but really expensive and the portions were tiny, at least at the Italian place. Fortunately I wasn't paying that night. Steve and I went with an Altiris guy to Pure, the new club at Bally's. That was cool; they have a outdoor section upstairs that looks over the strip. We wound up going in because the music was better downstairs. On the way back we got stuck in a holding pattern over Midway and then had to swing by Indianapolis for a refuel before finally getting in. So it was a bit of a late night, since I hadn't had dinner yet and we didn't get back until 1:45.

Otherwise Sarah and I have been spending way too much time playing Oblivion. From what I've read, so are a lot of people, though. I'm getting sick of it and Sarah already is, so I'll probably ease off pretty soon. Not too much else going on. Next weekend I'm helping my Mom move (again), and Sarah got a new job today, so that's good news.

Monday, April 3rd

Holy crap, we're finally going to Bally! I got Sarah a membership to Bally since she wanted to start working out again and her gym wasn't close. I got it on eBay because their current plans suck, and the ones on eBay are much cheaper. That was Christmas. It took a month for the transfer papers to show up, apparently because the first time they sent for them, they never got them. So we finally get them, and after sitting on them for a couple weeks head over to Bally just to discover that now we have to mail them back to Bally. So we do this, they cash the check, but we don't get anything back after two weeks. A phone call later and we have the account number. So three months after I got it, we can start going to Bally. What fun. It feels good to be working out again, though. We've gone twice and I'm still pretty sore.

Next, we spent a good portion of the weekend playing Oblivion. Despite being related to Morrowind, this game is actually pretty cool. I typically don't get into role playing games, but leveling up isn't as important as actually completing quests and exploring the world. It's just kind of a time sink. With my computer fixed, Oblivion runs great on it, but Sarah is using my old computer, which is having some difficulties.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet weekend. Next weekend we're heading for Las Vegas, which should be fun. Then Sarah is heading back on Monday and I'll be staying out there with Steve for ManageFusion. Hopefully it will be more beneficial this year, since we're more familiar with the products and In any case, last year wasn't great since I was there by myself for the first couple days and then Steve was sick. This year it should be a lot of fun.