Spring 2009

Tuesday, June 16th

It's been another while since I've updated, and it's been fairly busy. As I mentioned previously I went down to my mom's for a couple of weekends to help her while she was recovering from her surgery. I fixed her dryer, her lamp, and possibly her dishwasher, put up some trellises, cleaned her garage, put up a shepherd's hook, trimmed some trees, watered plants, put in a garden hose extender, changed litter boxes, bought and put in shelves, made meals, changed dressings, and generally kept busy both weekends. My sisters also did a lot of cleaning, yard work, and cooking to help catch my mom up from several months of not being able to do things herself.

The next weekend on Friday I met Sarah after work so she could buy a new mountain bike. Her bike was dreadfully old and heavy and had a broken pedal, and she sold her car, so it was time. We got home late from that to find the gas had been shut off. Apparently the lines are mis-labelled and I've been paying the wrong bill for four years. We got it turned back on the next morning when the gas company got someone out. Then Sarah and I went down to Merrillville to meet with the florist and get things planned out. Afterwards we visited my mom for lunch and dinner (and planting some plants) before coming home. Sunday we got a nice bike ride in along the lake front.

Finally, this past weekend Sarah took me to a cabin in northern Wisconsin for my birthday. We went white water rafting on the Wolf river which was a lot of fun. The river was high, which made it a bit easier, plus a bit faster. We got the hang of coordinating our efforts so that we didn't hit so many rocks and we didn't get wet. That night we had a really nice dinner and got a chance to relax after a fairly busy past few weeks. It was a lot of driving but it was good to get away. The only downside to the cabin was the mice, which scurried around in the attic and kept us awake Saturday night. We tried to get lunch at a place in Manitowoc on the way back that I went to about six years ago but they weren't open on Sundays.

This week is typical at work and trying to get on top of some things I've been meaning to do for a while at home. This upcoming weekend we're going to a big house in the Dells with a bunch of friends that Mike finagled through work. I'm looking forward to that.

Monday, May 18th

On Friday my mom had hip surgery, which went smoothly and without complication. She's in the hospital until today or maybe tomorrow. My sister Jessica will be taking care of her this week and I will be heading down there this Friday for Memorial Day weekend. Sarah is heading up to her parents' property and possibly a buyer for her car, though we have someone coming tonight to take a look at it too.

Saturday we took the motorcycle downtown so that Sarah could register for a yarn class and we could go to Macy's. I exchanged the wallet that I bought a week earlier for a better one, we got some chocolate, and we spent a couple of hours doing wedding registry stuff. Saturday night I did a server upgrade from home and we watched They Live.

Sunday we drove to Ogden Dunes to reserve a beach house for her family over the wedding. It was huge and really nice, and a better deal than four or five hotel rooms for two nights. Then we went to the Dunes and hiked around and spent some time on the beach before driving back to Crown Point to visit my mom in the hospital.

There's not a whole lot else going on. The days are getting warmer and it feels good to have the windows open and the jackets off. I'm hoping that despite the summer likely being very busy we do as much as we can to take advantage of the weather.

Monday, May 11th

There's not a ton to report, but here 'goes anyway. We made another trip down to Indiana a couple of weeks ago for wedding related stuff and helped my mom with some landscaping. Sarah and I went down to Soldier Field on the motorcycle for an Audi Q5 drive test event. It was a lot of fun except that it started pouring as we were getting ready to leave and we wound up riding back home in the rain and getting drenched.

We spent a lot of time detailing Sarah's car to get it ready to sell, including taking the front seats out to vacuum and shampoo the carpet, waxing, buffing, and taking pictures. We put an ad on Craigslist, but other than some emails haven't got any serious lookers.

This past Friday I took the Metra up to Glenview to meet her at Tina's party (she got a new job). Then we drove up to Milwaukee for Star Trek, which was really good, and had an old-school style movie night. In addition to the regular crew, Jon H was in town and came as well. Finally, Saturday Sarah and I went to the forest preserve, largely because I had seen it from the train Friday. That was fun; we tromped around in the woods around the creek for a few hours, climbed some trees and enjoyed some Spring.

Saturday, April 11th

Long time, no update. I can't point to any good reason for this, but I'll try to keep up. It's been a busy month. I started the new job, which has been great. My new coworkers are cool and I'm getting to know them, though I miss my friends at U.S. Cellular. I'm taking the train to work, which is about a 45 minutes ride. I mostly spend it with the iPhone, reading the news and losing at Chess. I may start bringing a book or something, but I've so far managed to avoid carrying a bag or anything, so we'll see. I'm learning a lot about Altiris, which is fine. It's a different environment, which is exactly what I was looking for. I'm still getting used to being a bit more dressed up; my wardrobe was not really geared to the dress code.

Sarah and I have been doing a lot of wedding planning, but that's all covered on our website, so I won't spend much time on it here. I've played poker at Matt B's, with Mike, Sean, and Jeremy, helped Sarah's dad get his home theater set up a bit better, went to dinner with Mike, went to Steve's always-fun LAN party, had coffee with Mike and Eriq, and tomorrow we're headed for Sarah's parents. This past week --with Sarah's help-- I got the new car titled and registered, and with my help she's getting ready to sell her car. In other words, I've been keeping busy, but nothing too out of the ordinary.