Spring 2010

Thursday, June 10th

Over Memorial Day weekend we drove up to Wildcat Mountain in Wisconsin for some camping, hiking, and biking. It was a fun weekend and the weather was beautiful. We got a little rain the last night we were there, but otherwise it was fantastic.

This past Saturday we went out to breakfast in Evanston and then Sarah worked on some school stuff while I did some writing. Sunday I went up to Waukesha to play Axis and Allies with Sean, Mike, and Matt B. It rained most of the drive back so I was glad I didn't take the motorcycle.

Yesterday I ordered an Xbox 360, finally deciding to take the plunge now that we have our new TV. I was pleasantly surprised to get a lot of the cost back in the form of cashback that I was supposed to get last year and had given up on.

This coming weekend Sarah has a surprise for my birthday on Friday and then we're having a beach cookout party Saturday evening after her graduation from DePaul. That should be a lot of fun. Sunday morning I've got to go into work for a couple of hours, which will not be as fun.

Otherwise life continues. We're getting ready to sell the condo, which will mean getting a storage unit and moving a lot of our stuff out. Hopefully we can get it sold quickly. Our plan is to buy a house in the city, since they've gotten a lot cheaper what with the market downturn. We'll see how it pans out.

Monday, May 17th

Again it's been too long, though not quite as long as last time. It's been an eventful better-part-of-a-month. Following my last update, Sarah and I went up to her parents and got some sushi, the following weekend I went down to Indiana and went to the Dunes and out for ribs with my mom for an early Mother's Day.

A few days later, Sarah and I as well as her parents were on a plane for the Bahamas. We had a lot of fun; we did a lot of scuba diving, including a shark feed dive with Caribbean Reef sharks, spent some time in the pool and on the beach, went into town and saw the sites of Nassau. We toured Fort Charlotte, ate at the fish fry and saw the aquarium at Atlantis. After a week in the warm weather it was time to come back, though. We got back late this past Wednesday.

Friday the new TV showed up, which is just beautiful. I still need to find something 1080p to play on it, but even the 720p stuff looks great. As soon as I had it hooked up Friday evening I was out the door to head down to Bolingbrook, where I met Steve for dinner.

I sold the old TV to Eriq, since his TV was stolen a while back. I took it up Saturday morning where he, Mike, Matt B and I put in the beginning of a pergola in his back yard. With seven posts in the ground we went to dinner at Comet, figured out where the hidden power button on the TV was so that it actually worked, and I drove back home.

Sunday Sarah and I went to Iron Man 2. The car started making some unhappy transmission noises, which is awesome. Hopefully we can get it in soon and it's something simple. At least I got the extended warranty. Tonight I'm going to work on picking things up around the house and maybe start some little fix-up projects.

Friday, April 23rd

It's been a terribly long time since I updated my Journal. Let me see if I can remember the highlights of what's happened. We've been up to Sarah's parents and her grandmother's. I've been up to Milwaukee for poker with the guys, dinner with Mike, wine tasting with Eriq and Meg, and Axis and Allies with the guys. I've been down to my Mom's. Jessica and Steve came up for pizza and we had Stephanie and Mike over for dinner.

We took the bike out and were alarmed after a few blocks when it was started spewing oil. Apparently when I changed the oil filter at the end of last year the gasket from the old filter stuck to the engine, so there were two, which didn't seal quite as well. I got that fixed and changed the front brake pads, so the bike's all set up for another season.

We did our taxes and were delighted that we got a rather large return, so after we put some in savings, we bought a new mattress that arrived today, and a new TV, which is still a few days out.