Spring 2012

Thursday, May 17th

It's time for another recap. Derek is growing fast and getting bigger by the day. He's looking more like a toddler and less like a baby, though he isn't yet six months old. Fortunately for us he isn't crawling yet, but he is eating some foods and is very strong. So far he's been a pretty easy baby. He doesn't cry much and is generally in a good mood.

Work continues normally, though one of our team members recently left. For now we have a consultant in and they've posted the position. This weekend is the NATO summit in Chicago, so there've been some interesting security precautions around downtown. The good news is that it's the heaviest tomorrow and Monday and I won't be in the office either day. Tomorrow is the quarterly Altiris User Group meeting in Oak Brook, and Monday I'll be working from home while Sarah is at DePaul for her job.

As for more specific goings-on, Sarah and I went to Morton's with Steve and Kathryn to celebrate her birthday. We had Eriq and Meg down for the day mostly to hang out and take it easy. We went to brunch with my aunt and uncle. We went up to Milwaukee for a wine tasting with Eriq, Meg, and Matt B, spent the night up there and then went to Steph and Mike's for the day.

The next weekend my mom and Jessica came up to watch Derek while Sarah and I went to a movie (we saw Hunger Games). I went up to Milwaukee to help Matt B install a new service door in his garage with Eriq, and I've been to Dean's several times to help on his house since they aren't moved in yet.

Scot, Shannon, and their two girls came over to watch Derek while Sarah and I took an introductory fencing class. We went up to Nichole and Rob's to celebrate Rob's graduation, and went down to my mom's for Mother's Day. That night we went to the drive-in to see The Avengers with Derek in tow.

That's the gist of it. We're still working on the house, of course. I've been doing fifty push ups a day as an exercise routine. We bought a ten-foot swimming pool to put in the back yard to keep cool without AC this summer. This weekend we're having people over to watch A Clockwork Orange and then Sunday I'm going to Matt B's to help him with some more home improvement. Next weekend we're going camping in Wisconsin. Hopefully Derek likes it. He tends to get crabby after being out of his routine for too long, so we'll have to see.