Spring 2013

Wednesday, May 15th

Oh, where does the time go? The last two months have been busy. In March we had a demo party to remove the stairs, Mike and Steph came down and we went out. The following weekend was the annual McCarty party. The tenants in the condo moved out after buying a place of their own, and I got the condo re-rented a few weeks later. We had Sarah's family down for Easter.

April we didn't get out as much since it was the end of the semester for Sarah and she had final papers due. I took Derek down to my mom's to help her move furniture so she could get her living room painted, and we helped Sei Youn move out of his apartment. Eriq and Dean came over to help with the house. Derek is walking full time, but other than a few new words isn't much different. Bigger, obviously. He's growing really fast.

The last couple of weeks Sarah was off school and now is starting a new internship, but other than my monthly night out with Steve and meeting Eriq and Matt B for coffee, I haven't been up to anything exciting other than working on the house. We're planning to go up to Sarah's parents' property for Memorial Day and to a cabin for my birthday, but between Sarah's school and the house we're expecting to have a pretty quiet summer.