Summer 2001

Tuesday, September 18th

I had a mildly ammusing trip down to Bensenville, IL this weekend. I volunteered to help move the IS department out of our Chicago headquarters into a new building a few miles away. I can't really complain since the hotel was nice and there was a lot of free food, but we spent most of the time standing around talking and waiting for something to happen. They had us label some cubes with port numbers and wipe down some monitors with Windex, but I only fixed a handful of computer problems. I'm looking for a new apartment, since my lease is up at the end of October. I want a place with a den or second bedroom and a lower rent. The place across the street is nice, and there is also a place down in Hales Corners I'm looking at. The lower rent will make it that much easier to buy a new car in a month.

Sunday, August 26th

I had a pretty fun day yesterday. Not fun enough to include winning the PowerBall, but fun nonetheless. Mike and Matt B and I went down to Illinois and visited the opening of the new Apple store, where the line wrapped across catwalks and down ramps. Supposedly by eleven am, 8500 people were in line. We passed the time by playing network StarCraft, but my computer decided not to work at the last minute. Then it was off to Ikea, the Swedish furniture and houseware store. This of course gave me all sorts of ideas of how I could have decorated, but since I'm essentially done, I will have to wait. I do need some new bookshelves, though. Next we went to Yaohan, the Japanese mall in Arlington Heights, where we ate some spicy Japanese food, bought some Japanese groceries, and failed to find any anime. So we rounded off the day with a trip to Dave & Busters, a video game arcade and restaurant. We got in another game of StarCraft on the way back, which I got to play. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 12th

Well I've been pretty busy lately. At work I'll be handling the IS portion of the Northridge retail store remodel, which should be entertaining. That is, if your idea of entertainment is driving back and forth from the office to the retail store everytime someone needs a computer moved five feet. On a more positive note, I've been having fun GeoCaching, which I've wanted to do for some time. I also went mountain biking today, and I've been trying to get some swimming in before summer ends now that my head has healed. I also made a trip down to Indiana last weekend, braving the horrors of freeway construction to celebrate my Grandmothers eighty-eighth birthday and visit my still-recovering Dad, who broke his leg and shoulder a month ago, as well as my other Indiana-dwelling family. In other news, my computers hard drive failed, and it being under warranty, I got the replacement. Wonder of wonders, I managed to get all my data off the old drive, and didn't lose anything! Now all I have to do is get my zip drive working and everything will be back to normal.

Friday, July 27th

Yesterday I went on a canoe outing with my department at work. The so called team building event has been a pleasant experience the last couple years. Yesterday started off similarly. The theme this year was TV Shows, so I decked out my canoe like the original batmobile and my partner supplied capes and masks. It even had a working rocket turbine, thanks to some bug spray and a lighter. As we were getting back, and the canoes constant veering to the left had caused us to swim and tow it, I attempted to swim under it. As I was swimming underwater, I got the impression that the current was pulling the boat and it was over my head still. So I put my feet down and waited until I thought it had drifted past. I then stood up. Wham! I hit my head on the canoe! This half second incident where I could have put my hand up first to check resulted in me going to a clinic in Madison and getting eight stitches in my head, the only stitches I have ever gotten for an injury. So stupid! Sigh. Other than that, I've been watching a lot of Anime, such as Bubblegum Crisis 2040, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, which are quite good.

Sunday, July 15th

I just got back from a fun long weekend camping up at Devil's Lake. It is near Wisconsin Dells and has the same rock formations as the rest of the area. We did some swimming and hiking, some rock climbing and sunning, and some eating and drinking. It wasn't without it's flaws, though. I got some sunburn from insufficient lotion coverage, I lost my new sunglasses, and my car battery died after years of loyal service. Overall it was a good trip though, and I would definitely visit the region again, and not just to search in vain for my shades. Beyond that, I am going to be in training for Exchange 2000 next week out in Madison, so I'll likely be doing a lot of driving. I'm seriously considering getting a new car in a few months, not because there is anything wrong with my Neon, but because its resale continues to drop at a frightening rate. There may be some other interesting developments in my life in the next few months too, but that is yet to be determined.