Summer 2003

Tuesday, September 2nd

So what's been up with me recently? I got some swimming in at Mike's pool, Sarah and I went camping with my family in Black River Forest, which doesn't have a river in it but has a nice lake nearby, and while I haven't gotten much mountain biking in, I've been doing a good job of working out with Eriq at Bally's.

I've made progress on my house, getting the dryer vent cleared so a load hopefully won't take three and a half hours to dry, getting the thresholds painted so they don't warp, and getting a new ceiling fan. I also got my pool table, and have it set up in the basement, which needs lots of work.

Work has been very busy but we finally got a temp to take some of the load off, and I've been fighting the nefarious internet worms you've probably heard about. Other than that things are largely good, except that Judy's has dropped Superior brand coffee! Argh! Mike and I now quest for a better restaurant. Let us hope we are more successful this time.

Monday, July 7th

I have returned from Utah. What a fabulous trip. On the one hand, you have dramatic natural beauty, daunting sandstone cliffs, and dry, warm, desert air, and on the other you have the McGriddle. Let me explain. We went to Zion National Park in southern Utah and camped, hiked, geocached, and mountain biked. We grilled, waded the Narrows, and stood on a ridge with an 800 foot dropoff on one side, and a 1200 foot dropoff on the other. It was awesome. We took something like 700 pictures. Then it was off to Arches National Park in eastern Utah, where we drove across ten miles of gravel desert, saw the famous arches, and visited Moab. It was a lot of fun. However, several times throughout the trip we stopped at McDonald's and got the new McGriddle, which is breakfast version two-point-oh, as far as I'm concerned. So it was an excellent vacation, despite being stranded deep in Mormon country with no gas one night.

This weekend I went to Chicago again with Sarah. We went to the Taste, stayed at the Sofitel, went to Marshall Fields and Neiman Marcus (Who pays $395 for a shirt?! It wasn't even that great a shirt!), and wrapped it up by going to a show with BT and the Crystal Method. John Digweed was there too, but we left before he came on. On the way back we encountered a "Safety Check". I'd tell you what that is, but apparently it is completely self explanatory, and the cop was somewhat indignant that I had the gall to ask why they were stopping every car on the road.