Summer 2009

Monday, September 28th

I'm married! We had a beautiful wedding and had a great time at the reception. It was a lot of work, but it really came together. I may go into the details later, but right now I'm sitting at O'Hare waiting for our flight.

Our honeymoon is in Thailand, so our flight takes us through Seoul, South Korea and then on to Bangkok. We'll be there for a couple days and then fly down to Krabi for some relaxation on the beach. I am excited. We will be gone for two weeks. Sean has graciously agreed to check in on the cats while we're gone. Hopefully they won't go feral from being alone so long.

Friday, September 11th

Just like that is seems we're nearly halfway through September. The wedding is two weeks from tomorrow, and while the big rocks are in the jar, the little ones and the sand are still being added. Tonight Sarah is going on her bachelorette party while mine is tomorrow night. We have a lot of little things to take care of, but it's getting there.

This past weekend was Labor Day, so Sarah and I seized the opportunity to get away and drove up to Kettle Morraine. We bought a bike rack so we were able to take our mountain bikes somewhere other than our immediate vicinity for the first time. After we found the right campground, which was not where we first looked for it, we got settled into a nice walk-in site. The weather was good all weekend, we did some loops at John Muir and Emma Carlin parks. Sarah hurt her knee, but otherwise her first mountain biking attempt was very good. We got in a fair amount of relaxation, exercise, good food, and took a lot of pictures.

Tuesday, August 25th

August is going quickly, just as the months that preceded it did. I get married a month from tomorrow. Wedding plans continue to require my time, but with most of the details worked out and in a pending state, the last couple of weekends have been free to spend doing normal summer activities.

The weekend before last I rode the motorcycle up to the Wisconsin Dells to meet up with Matt B. We stayed in his aunt's cabin and spent Saturday on some diner breakfast, riding the bikes down some awesome roads, hiking through Parfrey's Glen and Natural Bridge State Park, and grilling some delicious steaks. It was a great time, which made up for Sunday when it rained. We were going to wait it out and started playing Monopoly (I got Park Place and Boardwalk), but then Matt got an invitation to front row seats at a Brewer's game. So we headed out, and as I haven't invested in rain gear I got thoroughly drenched on the ride home.

This past weekend we went to Renaissance Faire on Sunday, where Sarah volunteered me to go on stage during the sword fight show so I could walk around with my chest puffed out and my hands on my hips and a rose in my teeth. Afterward we drove down to Steve's for his famous LAN party, enjoyed some games and delicious junk food and got home at five in the morning or so. Sunday we went to see District 9 and then went swimming at Bally. All in all it was a great time.

Now, as is the usual case with these updates, I'm back in the normal workday, avoiding writing my test plan and disaster recovery run book. With this entry done, though, I'll probably have to get cracking on them.

Tuesday, August 11th

The last couple of weekends I've spent Sunday at my mom's helping out while she recovers from her surgery. She's doing much better now and will probably be off her cane shortly. Sarah and I went to her sister Nicole's ice cream block party the first Saturday and we went to the beach this past Saturday. Unfortunately the wind was blowing the sand about and the water was possibly even colder than last time, so we didn't stay long.

We had Sean and Michelle over for dinner on Thursday. It was really good to see them and catch up since it has been a while, plus it prompted us to make some decent progress in cleaning up the house. Otherwise there hasn't been a ton of stuff going on. We're of course working on the wedding plans, which are coming along; it's only a month and a half away now. We've been taking our Typhoid vaccine that we need for the honeymoon, having already gotten Hepatitis shots.

Most of the other goings on are of the typical variety: we upgraded Sarah's computer following a board failure, I replaced the tires on the car to resolve the unhappy sounds it was making, and we're busy making summer plans for cabins, camping, mountain biking, photography, LAN parties, bridal showers, and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Monday, July 27th

As mentioned, last weekend Sarah's brothers Will and Matt came down Friday evening and spent the night. We went to the beach on Saturday, played some frisbee, waded out as far as the lifeguards allow (not far), and then took a nap in the sun. I also finally sold my lawnmower after it sat in the basement for four years. Afterwards we headed up to McHenry for Sarah's grandmothers birthday celebration where Rob launched some air-powered two liter bottles into the air and in response Ryan fired his potato gun a few times. Sunday we did a bit of shopping and went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

This past week was fairly uneventful. We listed the Canon 1D on eBay and the auction will be ending tonight. It's past the reserve so I'm pleased to be getting out of it what I put into it, especially since I already paid for its replacement. We've been doing a good job of keeping the house clean and with it being a cool summer we've managed to avoid using the air conditioning most days. Work has been going well, with me feeling settled into things. In about a week I'll have been here for five months. It's amazing how time flies.

Finally, the past weekend started Friday with meeting Sarah's family for Hibachi out in Vernon Hills since Will was going back out to Long Island on Saturday. Saturday we visited my mom in the hospital following her second successful hip surgery and ran wedding errands in Indiana, shelling out money to the florist and the chair rental place and checking out the limousine. When we got back home and had dinner we went down to the John Hancock building to celebrate Sarah's all-As quarter at the Signature Room. That saw us back home fairly late so we slept in yesterday and spent the day playing video games, assembling invitations and going for a bike ride.

Wednesday, July 15th

The past few weeks have been event-filled. As I mention in my last post, Sarah and I went up to Oxford, Wisconsin, not far from the Dells and met up with Mike and Jessica, Eriq and Meg, Matt B, and Michelle P at "Majestic Pines". We had a lot of fun hiking through the woods and abandoned fields of RVs, relaxing in the hot tub, enjoying the fire, and eating some tasty meals.

The following weekend we mostly took it easy on Saturday and then Sunday we went back down to Indiana for some wedding planning stuff and then went to my Mom's for dinner. For Fourth of July weekend we went out to a private campground near Starved Rock in Illinois. We did some hiking at Buffalo Rock and Starved Rock. Saturday we got rained on and so we went out to breakfast and then went to the mall and watched a movie. The rain finally cleared in the evening so we could still make dinner and have a fire. Then we met another group of campers and talked with them for a couple of hours before turning in. Sunday we drove along the river looking for a place to rock climb, but we didn't find anything so we came home and went for a bike ride.

Last Thursday I won a netbook through a presentation my team at work went to, and I got my new DSLR camera. Then I hopped on the bike and rode up to meet Mike, Eriq, and Matt B for dinner/coffee. It was the first time all four of our bikes were together, though unfortunately we didn't get to do any riding. Maybe next time. Then, this past weekend Sarah and I went to Scuba diving class. We had a lot of fun with that, and it will prepare us to do some open water dives in Thailand this October.

This weekend Will is coming down on Friday and then we're going up to Sarah's grandma's birthday party on Saturday. Sunday is still open, so maybe we can get in a bike ride or mountain biking or something. We've gone to Bally a couple of times and overall been a bit more active now that the good weather is here. I'd like to keep it up, since I was feeling a bit scrawny for a while. So that's a long update. I should probably just update more often instead of these long chronicles, but I have a tendency to forget about websites in the summer.