Summer 2012

Tuesday, September 11th

The Dunes were fun. The campground is a bit crowded and our site was right by the gatehouse, but it was still a good time. We got in hiking, dune climbing, swimming, and beach time. Sunday my mom met us at the beach and we had lunch. Unfortunately it started to rain so we had to move into the pavilion, but we all had fun. Derek ate some sand and splashed in the water and really seemed to enjoy himself.

Derek popped his first teeth a couple of days ago, two in the bottom. My mom has been coming up on Wednesdays to watch him in the afternoon so that we can get some stuff done. Sarah's got a ton of schoolwork and I'm plugging away on the first floor. Sarah's also started her service commitment for school, so her mom has started babysitting Derek on the days she has to go to that.

Sarah's brothers spent last weekend with us, helping us on the house on Saturday and then going to a concert not far from us. Her parents were in the area to pick up some furniture to reupholster and they brought lunch to grill, which was really good.

This weekend should be pretty laid back. Next weekend we're going camping at Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin.

Tuesday, August 14th

We got back from Branson late on Saturday. It was a long drive both ways, but we did have a lot of fun. Nicole and Rob brought their boat so we spent some time out on the lake, some time in the pool, went mountain biking and rock climbing, saw The Dark Knight Rises, as well as a fair amount of time relaxing and reading.

I'm back in the swing of things at work, figuring out the next steps on the house, Sarah's started school, and Derek is exploring the house via army crawl and looking more like actual crawling every day. This weekend I'm helping Eriq with his fence and playing poker with some friends. The following weekend we're going camping at the Dunes.

Tuesday, July 31st

Here's another two months of summarization. Starting with Memorial Day, we went up to Sarah's parents property for the weekend, which was a long drive up. We didn't get there until basically ten at night so we wound up sleeping in the RV the first night. The next day after we fixed the mouse-eaten refrigerator we went to the beach and Derek got to try out the water. He kicked a lot with a serious expression on his face.

Steve threw his regular LAN party which we attended, Derek in tow. It was a good time, but I'm starting to think a laptop would make trips like that a whole lot easier. Derek started rolling onto his stomach that night. That week my mom and Jessica were on their way back from Minnesota and we went out to dinner with them to celebrate birthdays (mine and Jessica's). I also met Mike, Scot, and Steve to see Prometheus and then have a couple of drinks to talk about what the hell we had just seen.

The following weekend we met Sarah's family at Noodles for a birthday and Father's Day celebration (mine, Brianna's, and three fathers, myself included). Later that week on my way to Dean's to assist with spray foam installation, I got rear ended at a stop light and the driver drove off. Worse, they pushed me into the car in front of me, so I was on the hook for it. the good news is no one was hurt and the damage was limited to the rear bumper. We got a rental car while the bumper was replaced, which made our camping trip a lot easier since it was an SUV.

We went camping at Mill Bluff State Park, which was situated between the freeway and a busy train line. The site was nice, but the constant noise made it a less than stellar experience. Derek did fine with camping though, so we've got another couple of camping weekends planned. He's starting to army crawl.

That week my mom was in the hospital for a planned shoulder surgery. Everything went smoothly and she was out in a couple of days. The next Saturday was our demo party, where we had a bunch of friends and family over to help us rip down all the walls in the first floor. It was a ton of work but we filled the dumpster we rented and got everything down. Sunday we went down to visit my mom as well as my sisters, nephew, and niece.

That almost catches us up to the present. Last weekend we went up to Mike and Stephs and went to dinner with them in Lake Geneva while Sarah's parents watched Derek. Sunday we got the rest of the first floor ceilings down and into the dumpster.

Looking forward, in a few days we leave for Branson, where we're staying for a week in Sarah's aunts cabin along with most of her family. It'll be nice to get away from work and the house for a little bit and hopefully come back refreshed.