Winter 2001

Saturday, March 31st

Let's see, what's going on? I changed my own oil for the first time. I fixed the rattle in my car door in the middle of the night. I got my review, bonus, and raise at work. I've gone to Romaine's a few times and played some pool with friends. It's finally starting to get warm (Yay!) and the cats are shedding. Tonight I'm hosting a LAN party, where we'll trade files and play games, as well as enjoy some Panza Rottas from Jimmy's Grotto. Mmmmm, Ponsa. I also spent several hours last night in and out of Eriq's attic trying to route his cable to his computer room. Unfortunately, the brand new battery powered drill I got had brand new, uncharged batteries. The installation remains incomplete. Oh well.

Friday, February 16th

So being oncall, the state of wearing a pager and responding to emergencies at work, is usually a pretty sweet deal. You wear the pager for a week, and they pay you a hundred dollars. Well right now I'm in the oncall week from hell. Instead of the usual zero pages, I've been paged six times, and tonight there's a good chance I'll have to drive to the Southridge retail store between now and 3am to let Ameritech in because they're inspecting the T1. Plus, I had to go in to work on Sunday to swap a hard drive. This isn't right. Fortunately, tomorrow morning I'm back off call for another couple months. Man I hope I don't get called.

Monday, January 29th

Well I'm up late, though not for any great reason. I had a successful LAN party Saturday night, with much gaming and file swapping fun. I also managed to get my apartment spiffy clean so that it could be messed up by the party, but I have gotten it back together. I've been watching episodes of my high school TV program, The Daily PM Show, in order to find a perfect episode for use in the 3BDVD. With over sixty episodes, it's been interesting seeing the show more objectively. Searching for a perfect episode is definitely difficult, simply because of the endless technical gaffes and half hours of poor visual effects. There are some gems of entertainment in the volume of it, but individual episodes are mostly hit and miss. Hah! Dennis Hopper is still stuck in the particle accelerator. Anyway, sad to think what the channel has become. I need to get some sleep now. I have to work tomorrow -err, today.

Monday, January 8th

I have gotten a new digital camera, the Kodak DC3400. The quality is vastly better than my old camera, but considerably more expensive. Anywho, not much fantastic to report. The snow is finally starting to melt, though I imagine it will be some time before the piles are small enough to see over. I am trying to install Windows 2000 Advanced Server on my home server, but it keeps locking up. Pfft, should have stuck with NT4.

Monday, January 1st

Happy New Year, everyone! I had a good holiday, with the exeption of being sick for a day of vacation. I can't believe the third millennium is already here. Well, no HAL-9000, or flying cars. Pretty much a disappointment if you ask me. In addition to the mirror on my car, which I fixed, I lost a hubcap and the car is filthy. Everytime I consider washing it, it snows another two inches, they resalt the roads, and things get messier. Way too much snow around here. I have got to move somewhere warm. Two years, max. New Years itself constitutes watching a movie, or pretty much my standard Sunday. Hope yours was good.