Winter 2002

Monday, March 25th

A great tragedy has occurred that will forever change a great tradition within the Group. Judy's, our long time hangout of more than six years for myself and longer for others, has gotten rid of pour sugar. The copious ammounts of sugar we put in our Superior brand coffee demands sugar in a spouted jar, and Judy's now has only packets. This may very well be a part of their remodel plan, but regardless the effect is the end of an era. Now only Ma Fischers on the east side has pour sugar, and they are not only inconvenient but they only take cash. Mike and I spent several hours yesterday looking for a suitable replacement, but none was found.

Saturday, March 16th

I went down to Chicago this past Monday to meet my sister and nephew at the Museum of Science and Industry. I haven't been there in years. It was fun to revisit some old exhibits and see a few new ones. We had a little LAN party last night, though our attempts to create models of ourselves in UT have so far not been successful.

Wednesday, March 6th

Well I have a few events to report. First, I just passed my three year anniversary with U.S. Cellular, meaning I have now worked here for twice as long as I did for MicroTrend, my previous longest job. It also means I can safely say I have worked in the Computer/IS field for five years. Second, I am going to Las Vegas in April with Mike. We'll be attending NAB (a broadcasting and video tradeshow). It should be a nice change of pace. We finally got some winter here, complete with snow and cold. Here's hoping it goes away soon.

Sunday, January 13th

Ok, so Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope yours was good. I had a good time in Minnesota, but got sick on my return. Work continues normally, and they may one day actually enlarge our cubes, like they said they would. Probably around the same time I update the picture of where I work to the new building. Other than that, not too much has happened. I have been playing some good games, such as Oni, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Risk 2, and Axis and Allies. Nothing wrong with that, I imagine. I managed to get my apartment cleaned up finally, and am doing laundry now. As I said, excitement is pretty low.