Winter 2004

Tuesday, March 23rd

Sarah has been sick the past few days, but thus far I still feel great. I helped Mike again this weekend and his attic is finally starting to look like living space instead of amateur night at Habitat for Humanity. This Friday I'm going to Eriq's housewarming party, but Sarah is going to another show. I'm getting pretty excited about my upcoming bonus at work and it's potential to combine with a few other things to completely eliminate my remaining credit card debt. That will be a good feeling, if I can just get around to taking care of the other things.

Friday, March 12th

I gave up trying to do FreeBSD, for now at least. I put everything on the XP box. So I suppose I'm 0.14% more likely to be hax0red. I must now depends on my firewall for security. Sigh. Enough geekiness. Sarah and I finished season two of The Sopranos. We'll probably hold off a while before continuing. I got a Hollywood Video membership so those robots over at Blockbuster won't get any more out of me, at least until they charge me for the last late fee I got. Stupid one night rentals. I'm looking forward to it getting warm out. I've had enough of this winter thing.

Sunday, March 7th

Sphinx has a clean bill of health. He got his stitches out and is gaining weight. Otherwise it's been life as normal. We worked on Mike's house again, went to Fly Bar Saturday night, and then today Sarah and I went to Mayfair and then watched more Soprano's (still on season two, though season 5 premiered tonight). She's off to a show at Mad Planet and I am working on getting my new servers up and running (finally). FreeBSd is not working with MySQL for some reason though, which is bothersome. I am not sure what to do at this point, having tried three different versions and four OS reinstalls. I may just need to create the directory and go back in, but after installing 4.9 I can't find Sysinstall, so I'll probably wind up putting 5.2 back on and then trying that.

Monday, March 1st

This Saturday was spent working in Mike's attic again. We got the new wall up, despite the infuriating angles and cursed insulation. Sunday Sarah and I went to the Lake and walked about in the snow and mud since it was warm (relatively). Sphinx is doing all right. He got most of his stitches out, but he had an infection where they were draining him, so that got restitched. Tonight I'm going to try and catch up on some stuff at home, mostly cleaning, but also getting around to building the server that I've been trying to do on and off for a year or more.

Thursday, February 19th

Well Sphinx is back, and despite being a bit scrawny and needing to have stitches taken out in ten days, he's fiesty enough to make it a chore to give him his medicine. I found out that I'm getting a refund this year, unlike previous years, and due entirely to having the house. I don't know if after factoring everything if it is any cheaper than the apartment, but I'll assume it is for now. Mike started on Monday and work has been slow, so that's all good. I had a good review at work, though I don't know what kind of raise I'm getting yet. Provided I can get the mess at home cleaned up, everything should be pretty good.
I helped Mike this past Saturday and then again on Monday to demolish the attic, which didn't throw too many surprises. This coming Saturday we'll hopefully get it framed and maybe even some drywalling. I can't wait to start work on my house projects, but those are still a few months out.

Friday, February 13th

Well I have somewhat good news about Sphinx. It turned out that he swallowed a two foot long piece of string, and it was blocking his intestines. They performed surgery yesterday and removed it, but his intestines had ruptured, meaning there was a possiblity of infection in his abdomen. They flushed him out with fluids and antibiotics, and he is apparently feeling a little better today, though he is in some pain. He is staying at the vet over the weekend. The downside to this is that all this will wind up costing me nearly $500, because he ate some string. Worst of all, he'll probably never know that this is the result of eating string, so he'd probably do it again given the chance.

Otherwise, things are good. I finally got to the eye doctor and got new contacts, so I'm not wearing glasses, but the dilation means I've got saucer eyes and they feel uncomfortable. Tomorrow I'm helping Mike demo the upstairs of his new house so he can put drywall in, since it is just panelling now.

Tuesday, February 10th

My poor cat Sphinx, after surviving his three week excursion outside, has fallen ill. Friday he was throwing up, and he has since spent almost all of his time sitting in the bathtub, barely moving. I took him to the vet and she said he was very dehydrated and gave him a fluid injection and some antibiotics. He doesn't have leukemia, which was a possibility, but he may have pancreatitis or an infection. He doesn't like the medicine doses, and he isn't drinking water, which is what he really needs to do, but every time he does he throws up again. I hope he pulls through.

Wednesday, February 4th

We had a fine time with Emily, Sarah's sister this weekend, as well as some sledding on 'suicide hill' in South Milwaukee. I've been watching episodes of The Sopranos on DVD with Sarah, and it's pretty good. I'd heard good things, but since i don't have HBO I never got into it. I taught the PC Overview class at work today. That was interesting. I haven't done it in a couple years, and then only once. It's the class for new employees on how to use the computers. I ran out of things to say with 45 minutes of allotted time to go, but it was all right.

Friday, January 30th

Mike got the System Tech job at U.S. Cellular! That means we'll be working in the same department, and we'll have a more even workload. They've had Madison people over a few times this week, and that has helped, plus we got all of our Internet Explorer crashing tickets combined with a master ticket. I've been working on finally getting Windows XP to some associates at work to test. We may actually upgrade this year (like they've said for the past two). Sarah's sister is coming over tonight and we're going to go to the Social with her and some other folks. It should be fun.

Sunday, January 25th

My Mom came up and visited me, as her birthday is this week. I took her and Sarah to an Italian restaurant on Brady called Mimma's. Then we watched The Two Towers. I think I might have seen it enough times now, since I actually started to drift off once or twice. That never happened with The Fellowship. Hmm. This morning I made some crappy pancakes and now I'm waiting for Sarah to come over. Some other good things have happened, but I should wait a couple days to discuss them. Otherwise not a whole lot happening. It keeps snowing, and I strangely (or perhaps not) don't enjoy shoveling more each time.

Tuesday, January 13th

I went on a ski trip this past weekend with a whole bunch of people. I tried snowboarding for the first time and my knees still hurt. I wish I'd gotten some pads. I'm glad I tried it, but I'll stick to skis, thank you. Sarah got her first try of skiing and didn't take to it very much. Seeing as this is the first time I've been skiing in more than five years, I'm not concerned. Work continues to be busy, but I'm coping well. I still have my sense of optimism about me, and I haven't done too badly on the keeping up on things plan, either, though there are a couple of things I should get to.

Wednesday, January 7th

Well, I bought a car. I'm pretty excited. It's a new 2004 Audi A4, the same as the old one but newer and dark blue. Why? Well a few reasons. First, I was in a fender bender about six weeks ago and fixing the car would cost more than grand. Second, I was going to have to get new tires soon, and I had always wanted to get new wheels too, which meant it would cost me about a grand too. Thirdly, I leased the new car and so am saving on my monthly payment, plus I don't need to pay a car payment this month. So the end result is three grand I don't have to spend, a lower monthly payment, and a brand new car!
The new car is fantastic. Not only does it have better wheels (and no more Goodyear tires), it has more cupholders, dual climate control, a better stereo (6 disc in-dash CD with better speakers), real leather seats (not pleather), and it's a six speed manual so my gas mileage is better. It's a bit bigger than I'd prefer, but that was a small negative in comparison. And it just feels nicer. Not just because it's new, just because it was redesigned and I think it's higher quality than the old one.

Friday, January 2nd

Happy New Year! For reasons that I can't really explain, I have a very optimistic outlook for 2004. My holidays went well, I got some great gifts, and after my semi-last minute effort, I think I managed to get decent things for people. I went down to Indiana for Christmas and then to Mike's New Year party, and had a great time. I'm not the sort to make resolutions, but I think this year I'm going to resolve to improve my resolve. There are little things that I'm always feeling I need to catch up on, get around to, or keep up with. I'm going to work on doing things right away and sticking to them. The first step in this was getting rid of the DVR cable box. It was taking up too much of my time. We'll see if this lasts more than a week or two.