Winter 2006

Sunday, March 26th

Friday night Sarah and I went to the Melting Pot to celebrate six months together. Between the free wine tasting and the excellent food, we had a great time. Afterwards we went to Rush St. for a drink before heading back. We've had a wonderful six months, and I'm really excited what the next six will bring.

Yesterday Steve came over to help with my computer problem and Sarah went over to her sisters. After several hours of investigation and test after test coming back ok, Steve finally tracked down what was wrong! The color-coded memory slots alternate between green and purple. Having two sticks of memory, I put them into two purple slots. It turns out they should be in slots 1 and 2, making me wonder why the colors are the way they are. Reading the manual in the first place would have explained this but I didn't have a manual and didn't think I needed to download it for the memory configuration, especially considering it was booting up fine. For whatever reason, this had no effect on Windows and older games, it just didn't agree with Unreal, Empire at War, and several others.

With that out of the way I'm really happy about my new computer. I just need to get a backplane for my motherboard and it'll be perfect. I've already started playing some Empire at War. The other thing I did yesterday was watch The Black Hole a Disney SciFi from the seventies. I remembered some of it from when I was a kid, but needed to see it again. The first half was decent, but then it kind of started forgetting it took place in space, and the effects started to not be very good, and then it just got strange, like it was trying to be 2001. Oh well.

Monday, March 13th

Work has been crazy lately. I started keeping track of the tasks I have to do, part of an initiative to keep a record of what I do so that my status reports are easier to fill out, make sure I spend time on the right things, and keep track of all of the myriad things I have to get done. Additionally, our team has a number of 'Q1' objectives and I personally have a lot to do to make sure I stay on top of mine. There's so much to do, I wind up moving all of my leftover tasks for today to tomorrow, day after day. It is nice to see the things that I complete, though.

This past weekend Sarah's brothers came down on Saturday and we had played on the computers, dinner, played Axis & Allies, and then Sunday the two of us went up to 'Sconsin for ILH, where we recorded our first few interruptions, part of the new ILH format.

Otherwise, there isn't too much going on. My new computer crashes on games, a point of frustration that eludes solution. I'm going to have to swap the motherboard next, but at least that means I'll get a backplane, since it shipped without one. Next month we'll be going to Las Vegas, where I'll be attending ManageFusion with Steve. That should be better than last year, when I was there by myself for a few days, then with Steve while he was sick for the whole trip.

Tuesday, February 21st

Too long without an update. My bad. I've been really busy the past few weeks at work, and haven't found time when I'm at home. The cruise was great, though there were a few adventures. The first was that while in Ft Lauderdale I managed to lose my check card in an ATM. No worry, I just took out the Citi card. Well, Citi decided to close the account since I hadn't used it enough. Bastards. That left me with nothing but my corporate card, which is not supposed to be used for personal purchases, but I had little choice.

The next fun was that Sarah, in her haste to get through with the "Florida Welcome Center" and on to breakfast, accidentally signed us up for the optional high-pressure timeshare presentation. With $40 on the line, and money being precious without the check card, we went to the thing, but managed to escape without buying a timeshare. They do an excellent job of making it sound like a really good idea, and maybe it is, but I'd rather not follow up the poor decision of buying that particular cruise with buying a timeshare.

Otherwise we had a blast biking, cave snorkelling, spending time on the beach in Hollywood, shopping in Playa del Carmen, and meeting some cool people on our seventies-a-riffic cruise ship. Afterwards we drove up to orlando and went to Pleasure Island at Disney and to Islands of Adventure at Universal. The new check card was waiting when we got back, and I exchanged the Citi card for a Chase card.

Since getting back we went to the Auto show, spent some time with family, both my Mom in Indiana and Sarah's family at a Cub Scout ceremony. At work I'm trying to close out my project, which is finally wrapping up. I've also been working on updating our desktop image and resolving some issues.

Saturday, February 4th

A little packing and a train ride are all that stand between Sarah and I and the sweet embrace of our vacation. The train goes to the airport, the plane to Fort Lauderdale. From there we leave Monday on a four day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. I'm really excited.

Work has been kind of stressful the past couple weeks with a seemingly endless supply of questions and problems, all mostly minor, but each taking up time I expected to be able to spend on more productive things. All of it can wait for my return, and maybe some of them will even be resolved by the time I get back.

There's not a whole lot else going on. Mostly the usual diversions of ILH, BSG, and a mix of computer games and various tv series we're watching. I got the garage door mostly repaired, if not working. I think some more time next Sunday after we get back may be necessary to get it in order, but progress has been made. Expect an update and some pictures when I get back!

Sunday, January 22nd

Some fairly major news to report this time around. First off, Sarah moved in last weekend. I'm really excited, though it is only a completion of a transition. All of her things are now here, and fortunately it hasn't crowded things too much. She's now looking for a job down here so that she can stop commuting for an hour and a half plus each way every day.

Next development is that the office has seen a makeover. I was sick of my Sauder desk, the old student desk that I had gotten in high school for $20 at a garage sale, and the futon that Scott from work had given me a couple years ago. So a trip to Ikea and a mound of boxes that filled the back hallway later and the office has a new table style desk along one wall for both computers, plus a drawer cabinet for files and such. Still a lot of organizing to be done, but it looks a whole lot better.

Into this new office I will be adding a new computer. I've been using the computer I have now for a few years, and while I've upgraded a lot of the stuff in it, it remains less than what I'd like. Add to that Sarah's current computer is a Pentium II, so we can't play any recent games together unless we take turns on my computer. So I'll play the parts shuffle and we both get a major upgrade. I am ordering my parts off of Newegg as I type this.

Friday, January 6th

Well it's 2006, and all's well. The trip to Minnesota was good; my family and Sarah met, and we relaxed for a couple days which was good after the hectic days leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately our plans to play in the snow were foiled by the warm weather. New Years was spent at Mike and Jessica's where they threw a cool bash to ring in aught six. I'm excited to announce we're going on a cruise to Mexico. I bought a cruise a long time ago and finally found the time to take it, plus of course someone to take.

Tonight it's the premiere of Battlestar Galactica, graceously hosted by Steve from work. Tomorrow we're having Sarah's family over for dinner, and then Sunday we can take it easy. I'm getting ready to order a new computer, finally. Mine works pretty well, but Sarah needs a new one and I've been ready to upgrade for about six months, so it's time.

At work I'm trying to stay caught up on project work as well as everything else. I took a personal day yesterday but wound up needing to work half the day anyway. The project is going well, but I'll still be glad to be finished with it. Mike and I, as well as Sarah and I have been talking about real estate again recently, thinking about ways to improve our stake. Hopefully it amounts to more than talk this time.