Winter 2010

Tuesday, February 2nd

Let's see; what have I been up to? Two weekends ago was Steve's LAN party, which was a good time as always, but didn't get us home and into bed until 8 am on Sunday. That meant we didn't do a whole lot on Sunday.

The past couple of weeks at work have been busy, but it's been interesting, so I can't complain. Two of my coworkers are abroad, one in Hong Kong and one in London, and another has been out this week, so it's been a bit quiet.

This past weekend on Saturday Sarah and I went to see Avatar down at Navy Pier on IMAX in 3D, since the first time around we didn't get to see it in 3D and this seemed like the sort of movie you'd want to do that for. Sunday I drove down to my mom's to celebrate her birthday with her and my sister.

Otherwise, Mike and I have once again been working on iPhone programming and I've been devoting much of my evenings to that. It's coming along, but after a long break it's hard to pick it up again. We're hoping to get this app done fairly quickly, since it's pretty basic.

Sunday, January 17th

Once again I haven't kept up well on events. I do like to come back and record them for myself, if nothing else. We spent a couple of days with Sarah's family the weekend before Christmas. We exchanged gifts, saw Avatar, and got to see everyone save Will, who was on a boat in Africa.

Christmas Eve we drove up to Minnesota to my sister Melissa's house and spent Christmas with my family there. We stayed until Sunday morning and then came back home. Originally we had thought Sarah would have to work on Monday, but since she left her job and got the two weeks with pay we were able to leave for Ohio Monday morning rather than Monday evening.

The drive to Ohio was interesting since they had rebuilt and moved the freeway since the car's map was made, the directions from the cabin owner were kind of out-of-the-way, and there was little to no cell reception. Even so we managed to find our way down some dark, curvy, hilly, snowy roads to the cabin, where we spent a few days playing video games, enjoying the fire and hot tub, and visiting Old Man's Cave a few miles away. For those wanting pictures, I'll refer you to my Facebook gallery rather than uploading the pictures here as well.

New Year's Eve we drove home, checked on the cats and unpacked and then drove up to Milwaukee to Eriq's where he was having friends over for a New Year's party. We rang in 2010, had a fire in his back yard pit, and got to see some friends for the first time in a while. Then we drove back home, capping an extensive bit of mileage for the week.

A few days later I met Mike for coffee in Rockford so we could discuss fresh plans for iPhone development. Since my sisters and I got my mom a new laptop for Christmas, last weekend I drove down to her house to get it set up and her data transferred over from the old one. And finally this weekend we went out to Sarah's grandmothers to have a late Christmas with her since she recently got back from Missouri.

At work I've been testing the new version of the computer management software we use so I can get our new server built and ready to migrate in a couple of months. It's a bit new and different, so it's keeping me busy. I think that's about everything worth talking about. Perhaps I can update in less than a month next time. We'll see.