Winter 2011

Tuesday, March 29th

Let me get everything caught up. Sarah and I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. We went scuba diving and tubing, but for the most part we spent the vacation relaxing on a beach bed and sipping tropical drinks. We met some cool people and had a lot of fun.On the scuba dive we watched a starfish turn itself over, saw a bunch of lobsters in a rock (cue song) as well as the familiar fare of reefs and fish.

The next weekend on Saturday I went up to Milwaukee and watched Cinematic Titanic with Mike S and Matt B. It's a live show put on by the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and we saw Rattlers, a very cheesy seventies horror movie. The next day Sarah and I went to the auto show with Mike and Stephanie.

The following weekend we went to Mike and Jessica's house for a movie night along with Meg, Eriq, and Matt B. We watched Inception, ate pizza, and had a good time. The next weekend I went down to my mom's where we went with my sister Melissa, her two kids, and my other sister Jessica to a maple syrup festival and the Dunes and had dinner.

Getting more recent, we went up to Eriq and Meg's for a cookie exchange and stopped by Sarah's parents to drop off some things and talk for a few minutes. The weekend after that we went to Steve and Kathryn's for a party, where we had a great time but wound up spending the night and then spending the rest of Sunday recovering.

This past weekend was a bit more relaxed. We went out Friday with my coworkers to celebrate some birthdays and then mostly stayed in the rest. On a sad note, Sunday we finally took Sphinx to be put down. The poor guy had been having issues for almost two years that were getting progressively worse. It was a hard decision but ultimately for the best.

Aside from the weekend recap, we've been doing a lot of house hunting. We've pretty much given up hope of selling our condo. It's been six months since we listed it and we've had one showing. Everything is dropping in prices and so we'll most likely wind up keeping it and renting it. In the mean time we still want to take advantage of the low prices and buy a new place.

We've been through a bunch of different houses in various states of (dis)repair. We found one we really like, but it's more expensive than we'd planned on. We're working with the mortgage company to see if it's feasible or not. Hopefully we can make an offer on it soon. Otherwise it's back to looking, though it's not the end of the world.

Saturday, February 5th

Sarah and I are getting ready to go on a trip to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic tomorrow morning. We were supposed to leave this past Thursday but we had the biggest snow storm since 1999 and our flight was cancelled. We're excited about the trip. I'm getting things packed and Sarah is out getting her hair trimmed and some errands run.

Obviously a lot has happened since my last post. Sarah had her craft fair, we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving and Sarah's parents' for Christmas. After Christmas we met my family in downtown Chicago to see some sights before visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins at their house.

The next day we had a late Christmas at my mom's and the day after that we headed up to Eriq's for New Years Eve with friends. It's finally an undisputed twenty-year. Even up until last year people were saying "two thousand ten", but we've graduated out of the Aughts and into the Teens.

A few weeks ago we spent a weekend at Mike and Jessica's family's cabin up in Pembine with them, Matt B, Eriq, and Meg, as well as Cayman, their pup. We had a fun but relaxing time up in the northern hinterlands.

The following weekend Dean helped me install his old dishwasher at my mom's and then I helped him make a mess of Bender's condo, failing to install in-wall speakers because his walls are only two inches deep. Dean wound up taking time off work to bump out the wall behind the television so that they'd fit and be working in time for Bender's Superbowl party.

Finally, last weekend I went back to my mom's to celebrate her birthday with my sister Jessica. We went out to dinner and spent the night. Work has been hectic the past week or two with a troublesome deployment which I thought I'd be rescued from by vacation, but the aforementioned blizzard curtailed that plan. In any case it's mostly wrapped up now and we're counting down the hours until we're on the plane.