Winter 2012

Tuesday, March 13th

Wow, already two months since the last update. Let me see if I can summarize the goings on. The purpose of a Journal is to keep track of the things I do, so going back and figuring it out is a worthwhile exercise for me at least. With things being fairly busy I've been keeping a calendar to plan things, so I have that to refer to.

Most importantly, Derek got over his Bronchiolitis. We were able to stop using the nebulizer and he was given a clean bill of health by his doctor. We have actually been able to go over a month without visiting her, and everything looks on track to make it to his four month checkup in a couple of weeks. I've continued to take Mondays off from work so I can spend more time with Derek and let Sarah go to her weekly meeting at DePaul.

Starting from the weekend after my last update, Sarah's parents came down and watched Derek so that Sarah and I could go see a movie. That was our first break since he was born. We went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which was pretty good, but maybe not especially remarkable. The next Saturday my mom came up and my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dave came over to see Derek. We put him in his banana outfit, which was adorable and also something we can show him when he's older, which is awesome. The next day we drove out to Schaumburg to meet Scott and Shannon and their two girls for dinner at Red Robin. Derek was very well behaved the whole time.

The last weekend in January we had Stephanie and Mike down for dinner and to see the house, since they hadn't been down since they helped us bring down the kitchen cabinets before we moved in. We made fondue and mostly chilled for the evening. The next day we went down to my mom's for her birthday.

That Friday Steve and Kathryn came over with Quinn and we ordered a pizza. Then while the girls and Quinn stayed back, Steve and I went out for our monthly coffee. Steve and I have been having a monthly "Men's Night Out" as we call it, or a "Man Date" as Sarah and Kathryn call it, for a couple years now. The next day I drove up to Wisconsin to play poker at Matt B's new house along with Jeremy, Brennan, Mike, and Jason. After the game (which I lost) I drove down to meet Sarah in Johnsburg where she was helping her sister with preparation for the Scouts' Pig Roast. She brought Derek up on the train.

The following weekend the three of us went up to Eriq and Meg's for his Verhoeven movie marathon. Derek was very good the whole time, and it was fun watching some classic sci-fi action films. The next day Sarah took Derek to the aforementioned Pig Roast while I rewired the electric in the basement.

The next weekend (this is the eighteenth of February if you're keeping track) Sarah's family came down with two tons of drywall for us and stayed for dinner. That shifted our plans to visit my mom's to Sunday. My sister Melissa and two of her kids were down from Minnesota. This was their first opportunity to meet Derek. That meant rescheduling Eriq and Matt B's trip down to go to IKEA to last weekend (the fourth). The following Monday I drove out to meet Mike for coffee in Rockford.

The last weekend in February was delightfully free of complicated plans. We went to an open house of a fellow home-rehabber and otherwise took it easy. That Monday we met with the first of several architects, most of whom seem to be considerably more expensive than we'd hoped. We met with three more the next Monday. The third was Kathryn's surprise birthday party, so Sarah's parents came down to watch Derek for the evening. While Sarah and Kathryn were at the party (it was girls-only) Steve and I went to get dinner and coffee. The next day was the fourth, and as I said Eriq and Matt B came down and we went to IKEA.

This past weekend we went to Steve and Kathryn's party, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had a headache from being stuffed up with a bit of a cold, but it was still a good time. Sunday I helped Dean on his house and yesterday we cleaned out some of the remaining crap in the basement. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so I spent a little while sitting outside with Derek, but he didn't seem too pleased. I think he's just not used to it since he's only known winter so far. It's supposed to be nice all week, so we'll try to go for some more walks and such.

That, in all it's weekend-by-weekend detail, is the last two months. Things will probably continue to be busy, but I'll make one of my usual poor promises to update more frequently, if for no other reason then to make it easier on myself to keep it all straight and remember the little details that aren't on the calendar.

Friday, January 13th

Oh, where does the time go? This trend will only get worse, I'm afraid. We've been keeping busy with Derek, as one would expect. I went back to work after a week and a day, but I've been taking Mondays off to help Sarah and spend more time with Derek. He put on two pounds in the first two weeks!

Christmas Eve we went down to my mom's and had dinner with her, Jessica, and Steve. The next day we stayed in while Sarah's whole family came to us. We had a big Christmas dinner in the house and opened presents. The day after Christmas we drove up to have dinner at her grandmother's.

New Years was at Eriq and Meg's as we have for a few years now. They threw a great shindig with tons of tasty food and drink. Unfortunately, the next day Sarah and Derek both came down with a respiratory infection. Derek was looking ok at his checkup on Monday, but by Saturday we took him back in to the doctor.

The doctor said he had bronchiolitis, and didn't like his breathing rate and pulse-ox levels, so she sent us to the ER. Once there they monitored Derek for an hour or so and finally decided not to keep him overnight for observation. We were relieved to come home. He had a follow-up appointment on Monday and he was still very congested and wheezing so his doctor prescribed a nebulizer. Finally after a few days of treatments, the doctor said yesterday that his lungs were sounding much better and we can taper off the treatments. For his part, Derek has been eating tons. With him feeling better, both Sarah's parents and my mom are coming up this weekend to see him.

Beyond caring for the baby, I've tried to find spare moments to work on the basement demolition but haven't made much progress. I've come a long way in getting floor plans figured out and I'll be looking for an architect shortly. Assuming I get the basement ready in the sometime-future we'll also finally get our structural repairs done.

Otherwise we're settling into a routine and hoping that Derek will start sleeping for longer periods soon, since sleep has been sporadic for both of us, Sarah especially.