Winter 2013

Tuesday, March 5th

I just want to give a brief summary of events to date. Despite Sarah starting a new semester of school we've managed to get some work done on the house. Derek is starting to walk a few steps here and there and saying more words every day. He's up to six teeth with another one coming.

In January I went to Wisconsin to help Matt B plan his kitchen remodel and Eriq came down to help with the house. February I went up to Matt's to play Axis & Allies. We went down to my mom's for her birthday. Eriq came down and we went to the auto show.

Now we're into March. Steve and I had our monthly evening out this past Friday following a user group meeting I attended for work. Despite Sarah's school schedule we're plowing ahead with work on the house. I expect that will dominate my weekends for the foreseeable future. In short, it's been life as usual.