Winter 2014

Friday, January 3rd

Starting back in November, we had a great time at the cabin for Sarah's birthday. It was up by Mineral Point, WI and we managed to go see a couple of movies (since Derek stayed with his grandparents). We also drove down to my sisters in Lafayette for a combined birthday celebration for Sarah, Derek, and my brother-in-law Steve, and we went to Sarah's parents for Thanksgiving. The rest of November was fairly house-centric, and we endured increasingly cold temperatures without heat, aside from some electric heaters.

December saw Sarah finish grad school, her internship, and her job. I went out for my monthly evening with Steve, helped Dean install a whole-house water filter, and met up with Eriq and Matt B for coffee. The weekends were mostly taken up with work on the house. Christmas Eve and Day was at Sarah's parents, and the following weekend we spent back at my sisters, with the rest of my immediate family. New Years Eve we braved the snow and went up to Eriq's house in Milwaukee.

I apparently neglected to mention in my last update that we're having another baby! We've recently learned she's a girl. She's due near the end of April, so we're very excited. We're hoping we can get Derek potty trained before she arrives, since two in diapers isn't my idea of fun. He's talking more and more, and has recently taken to yelling "Mom!" very loudly and repeatedly. At his two year checkup at the end of November he'd crested thirty pounds and three feet.