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JessSoko - Jessica's got a new blog. Check it out!

mcsoko - Mike's launch page website.

sabbac - Matt B's page, complete with pictures, beer recommendations, and news.

Sokolowski Family - Mike and Jessica's website.

The Smeiska Family - Jodie and Kurt's website

Two Flat: Remade - Sarah and I remodel our Chicago two-flat into a home


AnandTech - A great site for reviews, benchmarks, and keeping up with the latest kit.

ArsTechnica - News, Forums, Articles and more for the technology world.

Code Writing Robot - Mike's and my iPhone application development company

MySQL - The free SQL database for the rest of us.

NewEgg - Go here to buy computer kit online. - PHP is an easy to learn server side scripting language.

W3Schools - A great reference resource for web programming

World Wide Web Consortium - Make the web a better place and write compliant html and css!


DoomCorp - The future is coming and it should be feared.

Homestar Runner - A great site about Homestar Runner and friends.

Improv Everywhere - I really can't explain why these videos make me so happy.

Penny Arcade - An online web comic about gaming. I think it's great, and I don't even game much!

Red Meat - Check out the disturbingly hilarious humor of Max Cannon.

Tiki Bar TV - Each video episode features a unique drink recipe and booze-fueled hilarity.

xkcd - A great web comic of geekiness and fun.


Adagio Teas - A great online store for tea.

Chris Martenson's Crash Course - A terrifically frightening series of videos on how doomed the U.S. economy and our whole way of life is. - My Web and Email hosting service.

Cook Can Spin Dye - Sarah shares her experiences at her many hobbies.

DeviantArt - A large collection of images, desktop wallpaper and art from a variety of artists.

Digg - User-submitted and ranked news and information.

Fancy Arbor - Sarah's Etsy website.

Lifehacker - A variety of ways to improve yourself and your daily life.

Midwest Beer - Mike and Matt blog about all of the beers, breweries, and brewpubs in the Midwest.

ThinkGeek - The online store for all things geeky and cool.

Urban Dictionary - A great and often funny way to find out the meaning of slang.

Wikipedia - The worlds largest encyclopedia, online and free.