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New website

Site News / August 21st

I'm officially migrating to a new website and new domain. I hope to someday migrate content from XeoMage over, but for the time being I'll leave the site up for historical posts. I don't anticipate posting anything new here, and just a fair warning: I don't expect my other site to be very busy either.

Ruminating on Purpose

Site News / February 26th

I've had a personal website for a damn long time. Going back to Oracle hosted on ExecPC to innumerable and ever more sophisticated redesigns on, the site has existed since 1997 and on this domain since 2000.

Over the years, my focus on the page has waxed and waned, but it's been on the waning side for a while for a few reasons. First, sites like Facebook have come along to provide a way to keep in touch with people and share photos. Second, my interest in staying on top of web technologies isn't matched by the time I have to spend on it, leaving the site perpetually behind the times. I want to employ HTML 5, CSS 3, object-oriented PHP, jQuery, and a whole host of ideas I've been "meaning to do" for years. In the mean time, my code no longer works properly with the current version of PHP so I have to use a database editor to even make this post. Because I don't have the time for it I grow increasingly dissatisfied with the site as it is, which makes me less interested in adding content, particularly when the primary purpose for the site has been largely subsumed.

There's still the Journal, which is mostly for my own benefit but doesn't require a public website, and the Profile page, which could just as easily be LinkedIn, Facebook, or even a static page. Even more, there's the simple fact that I have a wife and kid(s) now, and while I'm still an individual, most of what goes on in my life isn't just about me. Finally, there's the name of the site itself, which over the years seems increasingly juvenile as the Internet and web slowly move away from pseudonyms and usernames in all forms. To be fair, there's no hope of a simple domain based on my name (being as common as it is), but there's a wide space between the two.

I started working on a new layout that would be a simple update, but what I came up with wasn't much different than what I already have. I started thinking about something a bit more radical and realized I don't have the time to do it. In short, I don't know where this goes from here. I can keep adding a Journal entry every few months to keep the site from completely stagnating, I can start over on someone else's platform and maybe even a different domain, or I can just shut it down and abandon the project.

Honestly, abandoning it is probably the best plan, but in the "good money after bad" line of logical fallacies, it seems like I've been doing it for so long that to stop now is somehow failing or giving up. I'm going to think about it some more before making a decision, but for now, don't expect new content.

New Style Sheet

Site News / August 15th

A couple of site changes to report. First, I've updated the site style sheet. I created this style a long time ago but never got around to finishing it. The style is flatter and has fewer colors, eliminating all the subtle gradients. It's simpler, though whether it's better or not is in the eye of the viewer. Maybe I like it because it's new and different. Let me know what you think.

The other change is the new home page, which lists the latest content regardless of section. I may need to tweak this some, but it works well enough for now.

I can't promise there are a ton of other updates in the works, since there aren't but at least this is a tiny refresh.


Site News / January 18th

I've removed some sections from my website. Typically, websites are supposed to grow and expand, but every once in a while it becomes necessary to do some pruning. I haven't added to these sections in ages and I'm not likely to do so in the near future. Honestly, I haven't added to several of the sections that I left, but I still have some vague intentions of contributing to them, so I'll leave them for now. I simply haven't found time for the site beyond the occasional Journal update, and until I do I think it's best to focus on some core elements.

I'd like to revamp a few things to take advantage of external resources, but we'll see when I get around to that. It would be nice if the Photos and Projects could bring in data from things like Facebook or Flickr, since that's where I've been putting those things.

New House Walk-through

Personal / June 23rd

I shot some video of our new house in it's current "before" state. Take a look!