Fall 2000

Bidding War

Cool Stuff / November 9th

I've got to tell you about eBay. Why? Well because I knew about it for a long time but I was never interested. I guess that's because I had no idea what all you could find on there. It all started with me ordering my MCSE books on eBay. Then a friend of mine starts buying up stuff left and right. I look around, and next thing you know I'm bidding on all sorts of auctions. It's fun, too! Not only do you get to buy things for cheap off the internet, you get to bid in auctions. Every day when I get home from work I've got to check my auctions to see how I'm doing. There are things on eBay you can't find anywhere else. So what have I bought? Well, an old fashioned doctor's bag, and several survival kit-type supplies to put into it, a monitor for this old computer I have (at $5 I can't go wrong) a little decorative dagger, and I keep trying to get a Classic Macintosh to use as a clock, but I keep getting outbid. Pretty nifty.