Fall 2009

Too Many Directions

Personal / October 18th

I'm overwhelmed, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I realize that the only way to accomplish my goals is to work at them diligently, to prioritize that which is important, and focus on important things. Unfortunately, I'm having a difficult time deciding what the priority is. For roughly the last six months, the priority was the wedding, and that having been executed fairly well I'm now free to turn my attention to other things. Granted we are still (slowly) cleaning the house after the wedding, the return from the trip, and the post-wedding shopping took their toll on it, and of course we still need to write thank you notes to everyone.

However, in larger strokes I have before me an array of projects that I would like to undertake, knowing that unless I focus on one I will not make much progress. My website has grown stagnant, after another few years of little change. It's amazing how quickly time flies, but the current visual design has been in place for over three years. I have a host of ideas on how to improve the site. More over, the content is not as fresh as I'd like, with no new photos in a year, many movies not reviewed, and little more than tedious journal entries and the occasional thought. Why spend a lot of time re-working the look when content is king?

The next project is the engine my website runs on, Spark. I developed it from scratch, but never truly finished it. Worse, I've come up with designs entailing dramatic overhauls, as is my habit. This would require a lot of time and work, and learning new coding methods. The end product would be more flexible and capable, and could drive all sorts of sites that I've wanted to create as well as being a platform I could potentially market to others.

Code Writing Robot, my iPhone design company with Mike, has done little since releasing our first program, save one small update. I've been approached about an Android app, which would be itself a whole new set of challenges if I undertook it. Mike and I have a number of ideas we could work on as well, provided we have the time and inclination.

I've made some small efforts to get back into serious writing, working on some background and starting at a re-write of my long languishing book. This is truly the oldest incomplete project I have, since I started it in eighth grade and finished the first draft in high school.

There are numerous other small projects, interests, plans, ideas, and such that are also distracting me and pulling me many ways at once. I truly don't know where to direct my efforts, which is the most interesting to me, or which has the greatest chance of success. Each has its particular appeal and its drawbacks. Since each would enter a crowded field of similar products, I need to decide what I am best at and what sort of endeavor I stand the best chance at distinguishing myself at.

Ultimately of course I want to do all of these things, and choosing one to come before the others is a struggle, but that's the whole point of this post. I'm not sure in writing it that I am any closer to a conclusion, so I suppose I'll have to leave it open-ended.