Spring 2006

The grass is always greener

Web Design / May 24th

Ok, so I've been ruminating about web development recently. The first thing is that Ruby on Rails sounds really cool, but learning another language, one that is probably not even supported by my ISP sounds daunting. I've learned ASP/VBScript for work web development and I can't say I like it much, especially since I know PHP. When I say it sounds cool, I mean I think I could make something like FIRE with it easily, that it already does a lot of the things it needs, so I wouldn't have to reinvent many many wheels. Thinking about FIRE is more entertaining and much easier than actually coding it. Besides, the more I think about it, the farther I get from the code I've already written, and I can instead imagine concepts like an object-oriented structure of methods and properties that would include classes and be some sort of core foundation that would save me from actually writing tons of code, which is what FIRE actually needs. I also spent some time on proto working on rounded corners. They can use some tweaking, but I like them overall. I may try fiddling with some other things on proto since larger updates are not forthcoming.

More practically, and more of a life happening, is that I've finally been doing some work on the ILH site, since we got word that Torrent, a show on G4TechTV in Canada, wants to air an ILH interruption. I think that's really cool, unfortunately Mike has to re-edit the interruption to remove some copyrighted songs, and we only have a few days to prepare for the potential influx of new viewers that we'd really like to keep. So we're working on getting stuff done in a couple days that we've had months to do. Hopefully it will give us some visibility and actually generate some interest in ILH.