Summer 2010

Weeknight Initiatives

Personal / August 30th

I've decided that I'm not getting enough stuff done and it's because I watch too much TV. Now, I've been thinking this for a long time, but today I came up with a new plan to address the challenge. Before I explain what it is, I'll talk about what it isn't.

This isn't a way to get myself to do chores. It doesn't address everything I want to work on because it's simply not conducive to everything. This isn't based on anything I've read recently, it doesn't employ a system, and it isn't tested so I don't know if it will work.

Ok, enough disclaimer. Weeknight Initiatives is a plan that each weeknight (Monday to Thursday) I will set a reminder on my phone at 9:30. At 9:30 I'm done with TV and any other stuff going on. It's initiative time. It's not browsing time, Facebook time, or any other random occupation. For the next two hours I will tackle one initiative, of which I've defined four for myself (writing, coding, health, and gaming). I may choose to substitute others from time to time.

Writing is pretty self-explanatory. I'll work on my writing, primarily my book. Coding includes iPhone coding, web development, computer hacking in general, or any other technological/geeky endeavor. Health is a workout followed by stretching and meditation, with any exercise options available. Gaming is to play video games, either computer or Xbox. Believe it or not, I haven't made any time for it and with summer winding down I want to get back into it.

I'll cycle through my categories each day. If I'm way into one I may do it more than another, but the variety will hopefully keep it from getting stale. I'm not going to make exceptions, because they typically become the rule for me. If I didn't plan ahead and the show isn't over, I'll leave in the middle. Now, something may come up on a weeknight, and that can preempt an initiative, but if I'm at home and nothing is going on then it's on.

Tonight will be the first test of this. I'm going for gaming, since that's an easy one (twist my arm, right?). I'll work through the rest this week and see if the plan needs any tweaking. I've got about 45 minutes, so I've got to wrap up some things first. Wish me luck!