Winter 2003

Linux-powered Harrier Jet

Computing / March 12th

You'll have to excuse me while I harp on about geeky things. I've been trying to get my new server up and running. Right now I'm running Windows 2000 Server on my IBM Netfinity 1U. I'm trying to switch to my old server which among other things is quieter. The old server is running Mandrake Linux, and in order to facilitate some of the capabilities I want, I'm setting up what's called an LDAP directory. It is primarily for allowing different systems to use one central authentication. If you access FTP, email, the web server, or even a computer on my network, your login uses LDAP.

I've recently discovered that I can even use LDAP to authenticate applications on the web server like Sisyphus, Lifelog, or even my Xeo Admin panel. I've got another reason for wanting to get this up and running: I'm running out of space on my computer and I need to get authentication working so I can start storing stuff on the server. I had to stop downloading episodes of Enterprise because I'm down to less than 100MB!

The problem is that OpenLDAP, the program I'm using to set up LDAP on my server is, for lack of a better term, a real bitch. The instructions I'm working from have no contingency, so if I can't get it to do what the instructions say it should do, I have to scratch my head and try to figure it out. When I really screw up (like I did Sunday) I have to start over. It seems as though what I did Sunday to correct the problem didn't work, though. Now I have to reinstall Linux! If I knew what I was doing this would go faster, but I'm still learning the ins and outs of this system. So sorry for the rant, but that's what I've been up to.